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If you have missed Major tech news this week. You can catch with some major tech updates in this article. Here we are giving you the latest news regarding Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Microsoft, and Apple that happened this week.

Twitter adds third-party signup with Apple or Google

Twitter has announced third-party login support, allowing users to create accounts and log in to the Twitter account with their Apple or Google accounts. Twitter users also have the option to link their existing account with an Apple or Google one, if the email on both accounts is the same.

Telegram allows adding up to 1000 users in a video call in its latest update.

Telegram had its latest update earlier this week, introducing a number of cool features. The highlight of the update was extending the number of users on a video call up to 1000. The number of Broadcasters remains steady at 30. This the other 970 users won’t be able to share their video on the call.

Other major changes include HD recording of the video messages, different playback speed options for the media player, screen sharing option on one-o-one calls.

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WhatsApp rolls out Disappearing Message Feature

WhatsApp has introduced Disappearing Message Feature this week. Anyone using WhatsApp messaging app will be able to share a photo or video in “view once” mode, making messages, photos, and videos disappear after one viewing.

Media shared with “view once” selected will show up as opened after the intended audience has seen the content.

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Microsoft is integrating Spotify into a new Windows 11 focus feature

Microsoft is going to integrate Spotify into a new Windows 11 feature. Panos Panay, Microsoft’s head of Windows and devices, shared this in a Tweet this week. A feature called Focus Sessions includes Spotify integration, the option to create a focus timer to work through tasks while listening to a playlist of music from Spotify.

Testing Focus Sessions has not been started in its public builds of Windows 11 yet, but from the video, Panay teased it appears to be built into the operating system’s Clock app. It seems like it’s following the Pomodoro Technique, a method of managing time by breaking down work into smaller chunks with short breaks.

Apple to scan for Cloud imagery to preventing Child Abuse

Apple has announced a major initiative to scan devices for CSAM imagery. The company on Thursday announced a new set of features, arriving later this year, that will detect child sexual abuse material (CSAM) in its cloud and report it to law enforcement.

From the description, scanning starts only after a file is getting backed up to iCloud, and Apple only receives data about a match if the cryptographic vouchers (uploaded to iCloud along with the image) for a particular account meet a threshold of matching known CSAM.