Whatsapp is a constantly growing messaging platform and as a beta version user as well as normal end-user, WhatsApp recently released loads of features. Some of them were we looking forward to, and some are good surprises, and there is one annoying change which I’ll discuss, stick to the end.

Editing sent message

Yes, you don’t need to send another message with *correction, now you can edit the sent message. This is now available in most of Android and iOS versions.

Editing feature in whatsapp - Intelligent computing
Credit: Indian Express

long press on the message you’ve sent, from the dropdown on top, you can find the edit option.
you can edit a message within 5 minutes of sending it. This time may vary from platform to platform and may update in the coming time.

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Silence call from an unknown number

After the recent wave of spam calls as reported by many Southeast Asian users, they were fed up with fake or blank calls or spammy calls from international unsaved numbers that were everywhere in the news.

Whatsapp quickly showed a response and we got the feature to silence incoming calls from an unknown number, you won’t get any notification but yes you can still see it in the call log

To enable this feature

Go to Settings > Privacy > Calls > Silence Unknown callers and enable it.

Transfer chat without using Google Drive

Earlier, to transfer chat/messages from one device to another device, you needed to backup and upload chat to google drive.

After that, you needed to download it on receiving device and then import it.

WhatsApp Android to iPhone transfer in beta: How to transfer WhatsApp chat  from Android to iPhone - Intelligent computing

With recent changes, you can directly transfer chat from one device to another using the Transfer Chat feature.

To use this, go to Settings > Chat > Transfer chats

and follow the instruction on the screen.

Chat lock

Locking WhatsApp with bio-metric was a great step year back, but still, if some chats are private and you don’t even want them to be visible to someone, you have the option now.

Credit: Whatsapp

To enable chat lock for specific chat/contact

  1. open the contact’s profile
  2. Find the option of chat lock
  3. Confirm by bio-metric

Once done, this chat will be removed from the normal chat list.

To view so, you can scroll on the chat screen and see the chat lock option.

Upon clicking and providing your Fingerprint, you can view all locked chat lists.

Read more about chat lock feature.

New Layout for Application

One early morning, I woke up and just scrolled left to view stories, but I wasn’t able to do so.

Whatsapp rolled out new layout - Intelligent computing
Credit: India Today Tech

I opened my eye wide and saw all navigation is shifted to the bottom and can not be switched by scrolling left and right as earlier.

You need to tap on each tab to view that tab’s content.

In terms of navigation and position and access, this seems great only the exception of navigation by swiping used to be easier.

Final word

which version of WhatsApp are you using? are you using or aware of all these features? and how was your experience so far?

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