Write for Intelligent computing

As community of technology, we are open for guest post by various Author who are learning, exploring and experimenting with technology and tech writing.

We have curated following guidelines and frameworks following which you can submit your post to us.


Our Audience are

Primarily whose life is surrounded by computers in any form, be it Smartphone, tablet, or fitness band.

Secondary: They are geek in mind, they should not just be using those form of computers but also interested in their inner working, debugging, fixing issues, knowing it more and more, and being superuser of those devices.

They are

  1. Aged between 10-60
  2. They are Better than average user of Linux/Android/iOS/Windows/MacOS or any similar OS
  3. They are always looking for more than what traditionally given by default.
  4. Always exited for new technology launch, new features, new tweaks, beta release of any app for special testing and so on.
  5. English speaking person mostly situated in US/Asia/Europe.

Style & Content

Please write in easy to understand way, not much usage of tech buzz word or even if you use, use with proper explanation and meaning.

Language – Article should be in English only, following should be architecture of the article

Title – upto 5-7 words

Featured Image – Should be HD image preferably, Original graphics would be appreciated.
All images should have alt text and caption provided along with source of image if it’s from external source.

Teaser line – Should be upto 2-3 Lines of introduction what audience’s pain point is and what they should expect from reading.

Paragraph – Any Paragraph should not exceed 3-4 lines or 50-80 words. Remember, they should be able to scan through content as quickly as possible.
All the key information should be scannable, highlighted using bold text, table.

Diversity of content – Only text based Article would have low degree of consumption by reader, Make sure your article should contain
– Images
– Infographics
– Tables
– Graphs
– Animated GIF
– Video
as much as possible

Links – Any links supporting content of the article should be placed on proper anchor text.
Anchor text like click here or view more Should be avoided as much as possible.
Example of good anchor text is
We have many key reasons to have vertical tabs in browser that user loves.

All external links(Including from within Intelligent computing) should open in new tab.

Content length – Article should be from 300 words to 800 words. If article is more than 1000 words, one should divide in 2 parts.

Content standard

Content should be on solution based approach.

Should be timeless, means content like

any thing specifically about new iPhone won’t be valid/relevant after few month or year,

fixing some storage issue with iOS will be useful for longer term.

so make sure your content stays alive for as long as possible.

Back linking

Only 1 Do-follow links should be inside the article which should link back to one of your content matching this article.

Reasons i might reject your post request

  1. Article is too basic
  2. Doesn’t meet guidelines mentioned above
  3. It lacks clear point and doesn’t provide value to user.
  4. Is missing high quality keywords matching our niche.
  5. Is published elsewhere.
  6. Created using re-shuffler like tools or service.
  7. Having more than 2-3 external links/reference.
  8. Talks more about your service than providing standalone value.
  9. Contents infographics only and no or less than 300 words of content.
  10. Its promotional article.

How to send article?

Write email on

To: admin[at]inteligentcomp[dot]com

Subject: Guest post request | {Title of the blogpost}

Content of mail:

Please mention following details in your email.

  • Who you are?
  • What organisation/institution you represent with their links/reference
  • Have you gone through this article of guidelines?
  • How your content is valuable to us?
  • whats your budget for posting single article?

Also attach word file of the article along with images or google drive link containing all required resources.

Word/Doc file should consist

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Keywords
  • Image URL/Files
  • Teaser/introductory line
  • Article
  • Bottom line
  • About Author

We will revert you back within 3-4 days after reviewing and will mail you back once Article is published or require any changes.

No request would be entertained without Attached article.

All payments would be excluding transaction/other charges.