About Intelligent computing

Me, Intelligent computing founded by a Graduate Student Dheeraj Thedijje in late 2011 with the motivation of sharing the knowledge to everyone, previously it was named Ultimate Computing, but since ideas was intelligent enough so here we are.

Latter on Intelligent Computing was supported by two of his Friends Jatin Chadha( Tech Recruiter) and Divyanshu Dhiman( Web App developer) with interested task.Jatin has wrote many amazing posts and tutorial related to electronics and worth reading.

You can find his article in Electronics section while Divyanshu dhiman supported backend work like SEO, internal and external Link building.

Dheeraj is responsible for coding designing, SEO back linking and Content.Along with the Blog we have social Networking Pages where we discuss about the blog content and quiz related to technology and electronics stuffs.

You can follow us on Google+Facebook or Twitter to stay connected and enjoys the frequent quizzes.We have most of our visitor coming from USA and India.

We have got Google page Rank as 1 and we have ten thousands of people linking us around the web and increasing daily.IC is Logo of Intelligent Computing as well as the abbreviation we use to refer us a team.

Policy of our Blog

  • We are keeping our self go on strict guideline as per the Google and follow these principles.
  • We do not have content copied from any other blog or web sites, all the articles are original and created by Authors of the blog.
  • We are using our own images in most of the posts, in case if we used web images, we thankfully mentioned their source and made sure of non copyright images.
  • We are not posting anything that harms the software/hardware industry guidelines, we do not provides the Cracks, harmful codes, Serial keys or such things. We recommend you all to use free and open source products.
  • We provide the tips and tricks to overcome the functionality of the application/windows/OS/Computer/Devices but all in legal way, we do not provide the hacking/cracking related content.

Our Niche is Technology and Motivation is to provide the open knowledge to everyone on planet without any delay, you can request the post anytime and we’ll try our best to post it for you.

Commenting on our blog is openly invited but make sure you comment about content, discuss about it and show your views.

Please don’t use abusing words or you will be banned. You can leave a back link of your site by putting anchor tag but make sure it is not for advertising purpose.

I appreciate your time for reading about us, you can Contact us for any Quarry Feedback or suggestion Contact UsMail Us