This laptop shocked the industry: Upgradable, Repairable, and expandable

While the entire electronics industry these days forbids you to even uncover your devices, this new repairable laptop from Framework is quite uncomfortable for the entire Industry.

From Screen to processor to motherboard to keyboard and even hinges, this laptop provides you with the official guide(view QR code on each part) and screwdriver.

List of Replaceable parts from the framework

  • Ports
  • Screen
  • Hinges
  • Processor
  • Motherboard
  • Speakers
  • Touchpad
  • and much more.

All ports come with expansion or replacement options and are connected to the main device via USB-C, using provided expansion cards, you can connect an audio port, Ethernet port, expandable hard drives, etc.



attached orange bezel

More parts

Parts can be purchased by directly scanning the QR code on existing parts/ports or using the marketplace available on the official website.

Demo Video

In the video below, a quick demo is provided for the replacement of most of the parts.

While this world is currently dealing with uncontrollable e-waste, mindful innovations like these will bring a better future for humanity.