Nerd Guide: What is Network Monitoring?

Network Monitoring Guide
As Network admin, managing network activity is critical task, there are lots of advantage of network monitoring, which helps in determining performance as well as in determining security of network.

Should you lease or Buy Office IT equipment?

Should you lease or Buy the Office IT equipment? : Intelligent Computing
When you are owning an office and you have to deice if you should buy the dynamically required office IT equipment or Lease it and get related after making payment, you should go through this and choose what best suits you.

Why Galaxies, Solar System, Saturn Ring etc. are flat?

We have 3 dimensions and every object is ends to move freely as it has more entropy and more the entropy the more the motions, than why most of our space community like solar system, Galaxies, black holes, and other such bodies are flat in shape? Why not 3D like that of atomic structure.

How to Block Site temporary in Google Chrome in one Click

Block Image Orange/red background: Intelligent Computing
Internet is what we can’t imagine a day without, it’s awesome in digging information around the world, share the mood, communicate and all, but no doubt some site needs lots of your time, probably few social networking sites and sometime you don’t want anyone  to access the few sites on your computer. Here we gets the solution for all.
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