Why Chrome book is future of laptop instead of Windows laptop?

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Microsoft Recently launched a ridicules ad targeting the Google and its Chrome book, showing its cons on ad, but let me some up what is correct and why Microsoft is doing these at all?

News: Google chromebook is being trashed by Microsoft: Intelligent ComputingBusiness, one of the biggest reason, as soon I got this news, while reading tech article on Google News, I was shocked, how such big and reputed organization can do such shit. Marketing is good and I appreciate, but making one cons of one product of company to sell your own Windows laptop is somewhat disgusting.

I’ve Checked Business data on Google search about Microsoft and Google.

As per my result, Microsoft’s Stock price: MSFT (NASDAQ)$37.53-0.11 (-0.29%) While another hand, I Googled Google, and got business data like Stock price: GOOG (NASDAQ)$1,059.48+13.55 (+1.30%).

Compare: Google's and Microsoft's Business/Stock rate on Nov end 2013 : Intelligent Computing

Both result are latest and declared on last day of closing.

So one thing is clear, Google is getting stronger and Microsoft is buying Nokia and Skype, and it’s kind of multiplying them to 0. 

Windows 8 laptop still forcefully being sold in market by integrating Windows 8 with almost every new laptop. Microsoft of Corse can’t undo the biggest change they have made in form of windows 8 but what they can do is bring down some competitor’s products value and misguiding the people by launching website like http://www.scroogled.com/ and specially targeting Google and its Product Chrome book and just beside showing ad of cheap windows laptop.

Microsoft Launched this site called Scroogled and selling Windows 8 laptop by trashing Chrome book

So they are saying,

Chromebook Can’t

            Office Incompatibility: Microsoft tried to show Google’s free Office is incompatible with Microsoft office and is less efficient. No doubt Microsoft is having great Office product but if someone offers all basic and great features for free, Microsoft is getting jealous right?
Another point they’ve mentioned about the

Apps: They says Chrome has apps but not online, babe somebody tell them even Google chrome browser is having thousands of offline app and Google’s expert Googlers have defiantly did homework already. Chrome OS is having offline storage that too in form of SSD and offline storage along with offline apps for use without internet.

Doesn’t do much offline: that’s what they say, and they are one who launched the Windows 8 with apps which are completely useless 99% of case if offline even if windows 8 if not chrome OS. But let me tell you Chrome OS is no doubt meant for online usage and in this era of computing/smartphone and tablets, who stays offline and if offline does their device like Windows phone or Windows 8 is standing single step ahead then Chrome OS or its app?

Privacy: sometime even I fears of having such things in news. Google reads our e-mails, chats and other data to target ads on us. For those who believe it true let me tell you few more thing,

            1. There is no real person at Google having time to read your email/chat and other stuffs,

            2. Google have already mentioned in its terms and conditions that yeah some things changed to target ads, but what Google is doing is targeting things what you love, and if someone is offering your what you love and making money from that offering, I won’t have problem at all. 

Check the Screenshot below, I was searching for android kit-kat and official website is in ads, what’s problem? This is what I was looking for. This ads doesn’t annoys me but the cost of Windows OS do.

How Google and Google ads are beneficial for us: Intelligent Computing

You can find the various features of Google Chrome book online and what I’m about to tell you are user’s experience and my own thought about Google’s chrome book and Why it is going to be future of laptop.

Reason 1: Affordable, spend your day and tell me if you can find a smartphone/Windows laptop capable of doing what chrome OS can do under $200-300. Please don’t waste your time you won’t.

Reason 2: You can check your Email whenever you want, no you don’t have to wait for ages to boot Windows laptop, Chrome OS starts like wow.

Reason 3: Find a cheaper laptop with SSD storage device. Do not head, you will not. Chrome OS provides you offline storage of your files and music on ultra-fast SSD storage.

Another reason: Faster web access Smart Web shortcuts, pinning favorites app to taskbar makes web experience awesome. More on this Get to know on Techland.time.com.

Why Chrome Book I future of laptop

Future will be online, Data should be accessible from entire globe in all device, Chrome Book is one of the revolution in cloud computing forcing generation ahead for SAAS, PAAS and many other online services offered in cloud computing. You do not have to pay for entire software if you want to work with that for 2 or 3 times a month, just pay on usage all that online.

Data are stored at safer data centers and you don’t have to bother about the hard drive’s got faulty error and all.

You don’t need to install antivirus or keep downloading updates daily on name of security updates.

Keeps you update and online and entertain you even if you are offline.

Keep all Google’s service at your touch away.

Bottom line

Yeah Google customize your search, tracks the behavior of your taste and shows the ads you need the most, this is business and you are getting better service at the name of cost. You are shown ads you needs, you sees the result what exactly you needed, and Google deserves a great salute for this. #LoveYouGoogle
Dheeraj @thedijje

Dheeraj @thedijje


  1. when i run the hello world program the command window shows

    Process returned 1973546091 (0x75A1EC6B) execution time : 0.074 s
    Press any key to continue.

    why doesn't it print "hello world" and why doesn't is return 0?

  2. when i build and run the "hello world" program the command window comes up and shows

    Process returned 1973546091 (0x75A1EC6B) execution time : 0.074 s
    Press any key to continue.

    why doesn't it print "hello world"? why doesn't it return 0?

  3. Dude you cannot create a partition with thoes commands, you first must :
    Select disk X
    than create partition primary and active

  4. Very well explained MAN :)

    Guys, If you want to visualize all these things then you can check this video too. I found it very helpful. Hope it will help :)

    Link: http://youtu.be/7vX6FyuIC9k

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  6. yeah, you must not have the permission to delete the file, Open file properties, go to 'Security' tab and edit permission for your username as full. you must have to be administrator of the account.

  7. the file doesn't have security option in its properties ?

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  9. you forgot clean bastard

  10. Who wrote this crap ? Bill Gates ? Talk about scaremongering. I have two pc's.This one on win Xp and my new one that win 8.1.I'm using this because the new one is fubar and black screening.

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