Header: Facebook Auto Like Spam : Intelligent Computing

Some new born babies need lots and lots of like on their post, let me tell you what Auto likes are and how will give you negative impact on your account and reputation.

Mark Zuckerberg thought Like word something that make people feel good, or makes some attachment to, so he decided to let the people like your content when you post it on Facebook. People get likes and get happy on their post, also they feel like they worth a lot. I agree and thumb up for them.

Lets know how Facebook Auto Likes can drag down your reputation and even Block your account.

Latter on number of Likes on page started viewing as reputation of the content and page. That is totally logical, people thinks how great content they have that too many people likes.

How Auto Like Create Spam from your Account

Firstly it tells your follower/friends/friends of friends/friends of follower likes your content.
When they like your content, it displays up on their friends stream and reach of the content get higher,

If they love the content, they like too, and follow the person/page.
Liking is great for marketing and spreading your words more than your finite reach.

But then “auto like” and “Power like” like stuffs came to light. Let me tell you what actually their script works.

The moment you allow apps to they already got All access to your account.

They can post/like/comment as your account anywhere anytime even if you are not using the Facebook for long time.

They may read your personal messages, and may post irrelevant post as you.
Since lots of lots of people already have that permission, like millions.

Now this application use all those people’s Facebook account to like your content, no matter who they are. In fact, your account may be use to like another country’s content and you don’t know.

These apps may post ads of something on every friend’s timeline or even message them frequently.

Facebook Auto Like Spam : Intelligent Computing

Your reputation gone,

And think how one will think if they’ll see you have 300 friend and 2000 like, absolute fake person

After some time they will post everyone how to get more likes and all, your all friends who were amaze to see your post have 1000s like will get to know you were fake.

How Auto like drag down your page reputation

Your content may be shown to the country where no one understands your language even.
Your content is not actually getting viral,

Your all likes on post will be marked as spam from Google/Facebook and such search and content giant.

After too many and too fast attempts of like on other content “Your account May be blocked by Facebook for creating spam.

Your friends can report about your spammed content and they may also block you when get irritated by unwanted post. 

The Bottom line

Avoid Facebook Auto like and be as real person.
A Good and genuine friends, create your great content, open up your mind and see how much great you can do. People will surly love it.
Your Facebook page get viral thus will drag more and more traffic to your site/blog.
Over to you, what you think about this spam and what you wish to do ahead?