WhatsApp Web feature is one thing as something remotely close to multi-device access, and even then, it requires users to have their phone powered on and connected to be able to work. However, now, WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Starts Rolling Out for Beta Testers by the Facebook-owned platform that is looking at supporting multiple devices without needing a phone in the mix.

WhatsApp says that it “had to rethink” its architecture and design new systems to bring multi-device support to its final shape.

How it’s different from whatsapp web?

Unlike Whatsapp web, Whatsapp multi-device support will help you stay connected even when your phone’s battery is dead, or if it’s not connected to the Internet.

However, you’ll still need to register your WhatsApp account and link new devices with your phone.

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Are the chats synced across devices?

Yes, WhatsApp says that it synchronises message history as well as other application data such as contact names, whether a chat is archived, or if a message is starred across devices.

Is privacy of chat ensured in Multi-device support of Whatsapp?

Whatsapp has claimed to preserve its privacy and end-to-end encryption while enabling the new experience.

Are all feature of whatsapp will be available in Multi-device Support?

Since the feature is currently in the beta testing stage, not all features are supported. For instance, live locations on companion devices will not be visible. Pining of chats and joining, viewing, and resetting group invites from WhatsApp Web or Desktop is also are currently not available among other features.

What is maximum number of that can be used while using multi-device support?

Maximum 4 companion device can be used at once while using Whatsapp muti-device feature.

Who can test the WhatsApp multi-device feature?

Existing WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business app beta users on both Android and iOS operating systems can opt for test this feature.