If you are really curious about digital level of file to the physical/electronics and magnetic level of files, how file blocks works, how metadata helps to process files, how file is being stored and accessed, All you need to do is see this.
What is file system? How files-directories are stored on hard drive? : Intelligent computing

NTFS, EXT3, FAT, FAT32, VFAT and so on, if you are computer’s any way deeper user you must face one of these terms till now. Specially while formatting your hard drive or USB thumb drive.
It’s all about file these are called file system, it’s all about logic and structure followed by an OS to store file on hard drive blocks and how it’s going to be organised.

What is file?

Files(digitally) are collection of information stored in which are organised in very definitive ways so that other programs and/or users can understand first what type of data in it and what data inside it is. File type means, text, mp3, video, Images and data means content inside that.
Filetype will decide which programme it should be triggered to process this file as each program as their own logic to process files based on its type.
File has two basic components
  • Metadata (Data/information about files) example : type. Name, location, permission, attributes, description, created at, last modified etc.
  • File data : is actual data stored in binary form.

What is directory?

Directory is a file which contains information like, list of files, location of those files in form of blocks, size, creation date, basically all meta data of those file.
When we call off directory, it shows list of files whose details/metadata it contains and so on.

How file is stored on Hard drive/Storage drive?

Storage drive consist of small blocks of bits, each bits are either able to store 1 or 0 in any form say charges, or magnetic alignment.
Read and write process of data vary on type of storage device but the end concept remains same, saving 0 and 1 and reading back same.

What is file system?

File system are the logics or arrangement or structure defined in which files will be stored and will be acced from storage device.
Each storage device needs to be formatted before implementing or changing file system on it.
This is the process for creating file system. File system allows operating system to understand the pattern and behaviour required to read the files from hard drive.

A Quick Crash course for understanding file system and its working

Below is the video which let you visibly experience what is file system how file is being saved and how it’s been read along with logic performed behind all such operation.
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