With Announcement of Samsung s8 recently, it calms to be first ever mobile phone to be shipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. So what’s special about bluetooth 5.0, and how does it matters to you this time?
Bluetooth 5.0 Devices is here, lets know whats new in it: Intelligent computing

With last decades, we been listening about updation in bluetooth technology where we didn’t paid much attention and we were just using this traditionally, as more than infra-red, less than wifi like radio technology.
Till now, we just seen quite slanted growth in Bluetooth technology and despite of much features, there been some improvement in data transmission speed along with some battery power consumption efficiency. But this time, we have something more to see in here.

Here we are compiling features that are updated in new bluetooth 5.0.

Bluetooth 5.0 is future : Intelligent computing

  1. Increased bandwidth, Lower energy consumption

Fastest Bluetooth ever, Speed upto 2 Mbps : Intelligent computing

Bluetooth 5.0 introducing new and enhanced compatibility of data transmission speed up to 2.0 Mbps by doubling the amount of data transfer as compared to earlier version. It also allow fast over the air connection and reducing the pairing time, like it pair instantaneously all that with less amount of energy consumption.

2. 3x Range, high quality connection

Currently Bluetooth devices supporting range upto 10 meter which is almost 30 feet distance, when you’ll go beyond few rooms, while wearing bluetooth headphone, your device audio may start experiencing trouble playing it, Bluetooth 5.0 having 3 times range as of current bluetooth technology which means upto 30-40 meter or 100 feet. Now you can keep your phone in room while enjoy music in your backyard or parking.

3. Broadcasting channel increased and data transfer is widen

New Bluetooth 5.0 supports up to 8x data packet as compared to Bluetooth 4.0 which have support capacity of 32 octet to 255 octet packages.
Which means more size of data at same time.

4. Wireless coexistence

Now this is first time, your bluetooth device can be paired upto 2 devices at simultaneously working exactly same, for example connecting two bluetooth speaker from your one smartphone is now possible. The wider channels help this existence possible.

5. Backward compatibility

Bluetooth 5.0 will be compatible with all of the previous bluetooth version and will be supporting best possible connection with all of them.

Bottom line

Internet of things with Bluetooth 5.0 : Intelligent Computing

With millions of devices are being connected to internet, and their inter connection, 430% of them are via bluetooth, and bluetooth will certainly help us to achieve IoT in future, Bluetooth 5.0 is one great step for better connectivity whole being best at power optimization.
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