We have 3 dimensions and every object is ends to move freely as it has more entropy and more the entropy the more the motions, than why most of our space community like solar system, Galaxies, black holes, and other such bodies are flat in shape? Why not 3D like that of atomic structure.

Hi everyone, enjoying winter? In addition, summer in southern poles wow, ok. I got really amazing topic to discuss it on my tech blog, I must admit I am science lover, and I like physics after computer world, thanks to Minute Physics (minutephysics.com) and many other resources.

Today I am going to share videos of minute physics, here Henry Reich elegantly explained the question I was surprised and exited to know about. Really, we have three dimensions and every space bodies are free to roam, move around in 3D space, than why most of the space communities like our solar system, and many other such planetary systems, even so many galaxies are flat in shape in 2D.

Recalling the formation of solar system and such systems, these are made up of clouds, freely spinning clouds, which kept rotating about its particle axis and over all around the center of mass.
While rotating, these bodies’ keeps colliding with each other and motions are cancels from upper side and lower side motions. Therefore, after so many collisions, upper and lower directions partials looses their upside down momentum while the planer particles keeps moving around their center of masses. This makes those bodes shrink to 2 dimensions as time goes on and finally entire particles are able to get in finer 2d path which makes them not to collide with each other and that’s all.

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