CES2014 and its tech trends: Intelligent Computing

Welcome 2014 with amazing news these days, and here we welcome CES(Consumer Electronics Show) one single internationally sound even where you can find the showcase of all major electronics and technological companies with their innovating eruption. Let us get to know, what is in CES2014?

Hi everyone, CES is started today and even going to last till 10th of January at Las Vegas Convention Center at Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. where more than 140,000 attendance is about to record. Before we get to know more about the CES2014 and little highlight of CES13, first get to know what is CES and how it is leaving impact on world of electronics.

About CES and Brief History

CES first came in light in 1967 in New York City, it was started with event of Chicago Music Show and reported to serve whole show until CES get completed. That event had almost 100+ exibitors and around 17,500 Attendees. Motorola Chairman Bob Galvin was the first speaker to start the show.

From 1978-1994, CES used to held twice a year, one in January in Las Vegas and one in June in Chicago, known as summer and winter Consumer electronics show.

Highlights of CES 2013

Last year, in 2013 CES was held at 8th of January and last till 11thJanuary. Over 3000 Exibitors were there to present the awesome ideas of electronics which shaped 2013. The focus of 2013 CES was swapping around 3D, Audio, automotive electronics, Lifestyle electronics, wireless and wireless devices.
Major announcement were:
Samsug’s Multiview TVs and Flexible OLED display.
Sony Announed Sony Xperia Z smatphone where Samsung unwilled Galaxy S2 plus.
Research in motion showen Blackberry 10 touchscreen phone.
Panasonic announced wide range of Smart TVs including 16 Plasmas 16 LEDs.
Sony Announced TRILUMINIOUS quantum dot display.
Razer Announced Tablet PC called Razor edge.
What is about to explode in CES 2014?

Watch a CES14 Tech Trends


The very first LiFi Smartphone’s prototype will be presented at CES2014 this year. This phone uses SunPartner’s Wysips CONNECT, which connects the light wave into usable energy and making phone decoding and processing signals without draining battery.

Other Highlights about to be in CES2014.

According to Mashable.com

1. 4K definition TV are now real and handy.

2. Wearable Computer is booming, after Samsung’s gear, more devices are coming fast. [Watch : Wearable Electronics Google Glass]

3. Fingerprint Sensors and eyes canners are not new but this going to be new password for smartphones and other handy devices.

4. Internet being integrated to personal home appliances is going to be new hot technology.

5. Last but not least, 3D printing and Imagining will be going to be in new shape for CES14.

More about CES

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