Wish you a merry Christmas and Happy new year 2014 to every one of you. Hope this New Year will bring lots of knowledge, intelligence and new milestone in learning for your life. Let’s have flashed back on top 5 posts of 2013.

Hi everyone, welcome to Intelligent Computing. Without wasting time, let me summarize the best posts of 2013 for you if you missed.

How to Enable Multi-window Multi-task features for Samsung Android Phones?

If you love multi-tasking on Android especially big dedicated screens of Samsung, you must need to know this feature. Most of other non Samsung devices and few ROM doesn’t support this features, but if this supports on your phone, you defiantly need to activate this feature today and enjoy browsing Facebook along with whatsapp, use messaging with your webpage open and much more.

How to code and compile C/C++ in windows 7/Windows 8

The Problem with x64 bit Operating system is they are not supporting less then 32 bit application As most of viruses are made in such environment. [Learn More about Security in OS architecture]. So this is the same reason why newer OS doesn’t support turbo C/C++ compiler which usually runs on 16 bit Architecture. In this port I have amazing plan for you to run C/C++ application in GNU c compiler.

How to Repair of Fix MBR/NTLDR error

Ever faced NTLDR missing or similar MBR missing or other Booting time startup error? NTLDR is new technology Loader for window operating system. Due to virus of other hard drive or data issue, sometime these sectors get corrupted and windows faces critical error while booting, I used to install new window until I knew this. Go ahead and get to know how to fix NTLDR missing or MBR error.

Get Unlimited Storage in Google Drive

Yeah, using little effort and tricks, you can get the maximum storage even of 100s of GB in your Google drive, you need to have mail id and use these mail ID as demonstrated in the post.

5 Best ways to manage and Monitor network traffic in Linux

If you are System administrator or Network administrator then this post can be really very useful to you. You can get the tools and method to monitor your Network’s traffic on your Linux system and can implement further decision.

Can you Retain Data in RAM even after turning off the computer?

Its known as impossible, as RAM is a volatile memory and it need power to refresh its content, as the power gone everything wiped off. But there can be a way to retain data in RAM even if power is gone.

Bottom line

You can also click on few more post of 2013 like why you can’t find exact GPS location in Google map and how to fix them. You can browse all the post of 2013 here. See you on New Year with amazing more post and totally surprise changes in Intelligent Computing. Share this post on Facebook/Twitter and Google+ and like us follow us to stay connected with us.