Do you know your most of vulnerabilities can be wiped off from your PC if you control the outgoing traffic from your local machine? Read whole article recommended specially for virus infected computer and system administrators.

Hi beloved audiences, welcome to Intelligent computing. Today I’m going to tell you how you can make your computer more and more secure by controlling your outgoing traffic.
All computers deals with mainly 3 type of connection way, incoming, outgoing and local loops. One can interrupt your computing while attacking from outside network via open port. but this is not the only solution, do you know outgoing traffic can do even more harm and no one else knows that their computer has become dangerous.

Outgoing port helps attacker to gain your PC

To understand all this you need to know how a usual attacker does attack.

First of all Attacker wish to compromise your PC by sending the malware in it, via USB, via Attachment, via web page Script stored in cookies.
After that Malware resides in your PC and keep collecting your Data, Passwords, keystrokes and other confidential information.
Last task of these malware is to send all these information to the attacker, that is home from where malware is originated.
For this reason Malware needs and keep looking for extra port and unidentified port in your computer.
Once they’ve discovered, all your collected data is sent to the hacker and here how you can be affected.
This makes clear that even if your PC is been compromised with malware, your Information can still be protected. All your computer needs only few registered port for real and known communications. Its almost 1-1000 port among 65000 ports. Some well known ports are
HTTP              80
HTTPS           443
DNS               53
Malware needs unidentified ports which remains open in your Firewall settings.
Another reason for blocking outgoing traffic
Programs which makes connection via outgoing connections
There are lots of applications which make outgoing connection to talk to servers like locally installed chat application, or updates of application. Malware sometime tricks these applications port and path to communicate behalf of these applications and sends information to attacker.

How to block outgoing traffic in best manner

Blocking all out going port initially except 80 and 443 is best practice. But lots of applications which really need to communicate using outgoing port for one or another reason that we need.
So you can make exception or get Windows Firewall in strict manner.
You can look up Howto setup advance firewall in Windows to make exceptions and make your PC more and more secure.

Bottom line

Firewall is rule to allow or block specific port/IP/Socket. Making proper plan as per the home network, business network or other network and preparing setup of these connection can help user to better protect your PC. Share this post to your network and leave comment below if you wish to add anything else.