Android is Open source mobile Operating system by Google, All the android have almost identical way to use and behavior but do you know some of the Brand provide some awesome feature to your Android device. This post is covering all those features by brand.

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Intelligent Computing, Today I am going to tell you some unique features provided by brands on their Android devices. I am going to cover HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, and some other Devices with their Brand specific unique features. This post will really help you a lot in choosing the brand before you buy a new phone, also you can have knowledge of features in it.

Top Unique Features of HTC Mobile

Digital text:
Android tablet HTC Flayer first looked beyond the on Screen keyboard and implemented this feature. You can write in your own hand writing and HTC devices can convert those into text and you can work faster there.
You can view this feature to even search on Google faster without popping up on screen keyboard and all.
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Social Network
Social networking addicts must to know that HTC has first released phone with dedicated Facebook key. This really does unite android for Facebook and social networking lovers.
Flip to Silence
It may Seems very small feature but really needed in day to day life. HTC offer this feature and people can use this feature to silent your phone, just turn your phone over and gets silent.
HTC Sense:
HTC sense not only offers complete overlay for Android OS but also provide many unique features and extra functionality depends upon the device model.
HTC Apps:
HTC has gradually adding the apps to its app store. Now for Android Device its designing and adding apps specially for HTC devices and some of them are even challenging the Google play Store apps.

Top Unique Features of Samsung device

Media Hub
Designed especially for android user to stream music videos and work with selected countries. Many of the device are comes with credits for free usage.
AllShare feature let you stream your Music, videos and other mdia with DLNA certified devices. These product include special Wireless technology which is advanced then Bluetooth.
Inbuilts Tweaks
Samsung has many inbuilt tweaks which enhance the device functionality which can really prove to provide awesome experience to end users.
This Method included in Samsung devices and offers especially new ways of typing or entering key using on screen keyboard. You can type without finger ever leaving your screen. Start from a button, drag to another key take a break, and go to next and next. Your each break keys will be input.
Superior Screens
Samsung offers AMOLED Screen technology which offer awesome colo reproduction and better graphic experience using lower memory and power.

Top Unique features from Motorola

This feature included in Motorola Devices and it hides the android interface better than any other competing system. it’s really unique but not praised universally.
Social Network Syncing
Motoblur Sync everything from your social networking site as per the latest updates. It can Sync your Twitter, Facebook account in very smooth operation.
Addresses and mapping
Motoblur along with storing your normal and standard data, it also include Google Mapping info automatically too.
Automatic Backing up
In Android devices, your personal data like contacts, files is being sync and backed up automatically. This helps you to retrieve your data immediately in case you lose your device.

Sony Ericsson’s Top Unique features

Unique and unified solution for your personal device, this help you to see entire communication with person at one single place. It involves all kind of networking and information between you two.
Advace Photography
Sony Includes features that are loved by advance photographer. Features like Face recognition and plenty of other resource help people to do more with camera.
Sony Ericsson uses Walkman history and created Good effect by creating most pleasuring music software experience on Android till date.
Small Phones
Xperia mini range of Android phone is really very small and best for small hand and portability loving people. It brought the Smartphone to lowest size limit.
Reality Display
BRAVIA engine is used in Sony devices display, this makes these Android Smartphone Really Awesome for viewing experience, gaming and Video.

LG’s Top Unique features

Like LG prada 3.0 phones, not only having great look but included many app for specially prada.
Nova Display
LG uses Nova display, means brighter and cleaner look than any other mobile screen. Competition is really catching up through.
Social Contacts
Facebook and Twitter like apps are build in main contacts which makes the contact more connected by sync more information, profile pic from these accounts.
Home Screen and tweaks
LG has its own home screen and allow customizing many of its aspect for tweaking it along with functionality of the devices. This makes users to rivals the iPhone for ease of use.

Bottom Lines

These features are really helpful and make the mobile company to stand apart from crowd. People can easily choose between those all features and decide what brand they will use for the same android version. Do you have any other unique experience with these brands? share with us by commenting below. Don’t forget to hit Like and +1 and share this with your friends.