How to be completely anonymous in Internet: Intelligent Computing
Privacy is the one of major concern on internet, for own security and for just privacy. When you surf internet, you keep leaving traces behind, today let me tell you all how to be nearly 100% Anonymous on internet.

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When we discuss about the Privacy and Anonymous browsing, TOR may be the first name for this, but is it enough to use TOR for anything you wish to go through Internet? Obviously not, there are lots more point against the Security of the TOR.

How to be completely anonymous in Internet: Intelligent Computing

1. It cannot protect the monitoring the traffic against the Tor networks boundaries.
2. Also it cannot prevent us from Traffic analysis and end to end correlation.
In March 2011, in France Based NationalInstitute for Research in Computer Science and Control’s Researcher have documented the Attack on tor network that is capable of revealing the IP address of the Bit torrent user on the internet.
Also the “Bad apple Attack” exploits the TOR’s design that take the advantage by using insecure application.
Assuming the main Aim is to Completely Hide the IP address of user.
There are Several Possible methods of being Anonymous on Internet.

Use an Unregistered SIM card to access the internet

The classical method is to use the SIM card which is unregistered and put it inside any Data card or USB dongle to surf the internet completely Anonymous. If you managed to have everything without registering its almost 100% safe that no one is going to trace you ever using any kind of technology.

Also you need to have anonymous phone, registered phone can be traced using the IMEI number etc.

Use Public network or Open Wi-Fi

You have to use this public network like free Wi-Fi in coffee shops or any other public network. You also need to have something more along with that. You need an unregistered Operating system distribution like Linux, and also MAC address of the NIC (Network Interface Card) should be changed to hide yourself from that network. This is easily possible in Linux.

Anonymous Linux Distribution Tails

There is completely awesome Linux distribution Called tails, it has everything setup in it.  This is Live Linux you can use in with DVD or USB, and aims to protect your identity.

It uses the Internet anonymously on everywhere on all the connection by hiding your MAC address, using the Encrypted network.

It leave no traces, it creates every connection temporary and can’t have the further connection once the trace is removed.

It forces all the connection, incoming or out going, to tunneled via Encrypted proxies or Tor.
You can Visit and Download the ISO image of this Distribution here along with documentation.

Use multiple proxies

Staying Anonymous is never reached 100% even using one time pad. But if your network kit and infrastructure is flexible enough, you can use the proxies or dynamic addressing of your IP and changes frequently.

How to be completely anonymous in Internet: Intelligent Computing

In case you are not able to change the IP address, you can use the Proxy application and you’ll have plenty of IP address from different countries to choose and best thing will be that you have to still keep on changing the IP address.

Free proxy Switcher is the Proxy application even available for Windows, which will list 1000s of Proxy address from different countries and you can choose any of working proxy.
Also don’t forget to change the MAC address using any software you can Google, Net cut (Download Netcut here) is the one I use to change the MAC address for any network.

Other precautions you can use to be Safe on internet

1. You have to use the Unregistered Operating system.

2. You shouldn’t sign in to any of your personal account while using the internet anonymously; it will be easier to track back to you.

3. Don’t keep cookies and Encrypt hard drive using Password.

Bottom Line

If you can communicate with server that means you are traceable, you may opt to get twin IP Address of another network and get the Servers data and keep your own system anonymous and secure.

Using proxies and multiple proxies is another good idea and switching Mac address is helpful too. What you do to be more secure, feel free to share with us by commenting below.