People usually feel their computer is safe by just OS password, some even apply password on BIOS, too smart, what else to your all data that is residing on your Drive, it can be accessed on another PC isn’t it. Why not protect your Hard drive as well!

Hello everyone, in last post I discussed how to track login attempts on your PC to know who/when and from where someone tried to login to your PC, talking more on security issue, today we are going to protect you by one more layer of security, yeah by protecting all your sensitive informative hard disk.

Why password on Hard disk?

In white word, all your data resides on it. In deeper meaning, if someone wishes your data badly, they’ll not waste time on trying breaking your Windows password; instead, they’ll get your hard drive, and everything gone. Nobody wants that do you?

So here you need to protect your hard drive as well. You though you have BIOS password and Windows password, but if you are little more careful, stay with me.

How to add password on Hard disk?

Setting up one lock on hard drive will save your data even when you’re PC is stolen and even crushed out to get your hard drive and dig your data using it on another computer. You need to have Administrator of the Computer.

You no matter if your system is Linux/Unix/Mac/Windows you can do this on all PCs.

Simply press F2/Delete Button while powering on your PC. This will turn your startup to BIOS (Basic Input Output System). Here you can set the BIOS password as well in security or similar Section.

On Many BIOS, you can use the Arrow key to navigate, Tab to jump enter to set value.
Use F10 to set value and exit Esc to discard all the changes. You can find more accurate command in your BIOS help to work best with your BIOS.

So Navigate to Administrator/Security or Similar tab/Section,
Select the Hard drive password option
Enter the new password,
Confirm the new password.

Press F10 to save and exit the BIOS and restart your PC.
Now from next time, you’ll ask to enter the Hard disk password.

Make sure before you apply hard disk password.

Once you have Enable Hard disk password, make sure you remember your Hard disk password, if you forget this, it will cost a lot to recover your data with very less possibility.

How to remove to Password on Hard disk?

To remove the password,

Simply go to BIOS and change the Hard disk password.

Enter the Current Password

Leave the New password as black,

Save the configuration and password is removed successfully.
Hoping this informative article will help you in preventing the Security to next level and make sure you Apply BIOS password to make sure no one has access to your PC.