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You know what, Facebook helps you to connect and share the people in your life, and from now, after reliving Facebook Graph Search, you will easily know how you and your friends connect and who?

Introducing Facebook Graph Search Text: Intelligent computing 

Welcome back friends, Trillions of content even lacks of made from your friends circle you know, not actually? So here is Graph search for you by Facebook.

Facebook Graph search let you discover friends, family, and other similar connection to explorer for you what you wish. Suppose you plans for a trip, and you want to recall the friends who love travelling, Now Facebook will help you to do that.

All you have to search

Friends who like travelling
And there you go. All your friends will be there in search list whoever likes travelling among your friends,

Now looking for some close buddy for going on trip?

Friends in my city who like travelling
And see your side or nearby or next street friends may be in your search result and plan a trip go ahead.

Facebook Graph search let you know what your friends like, how you were looking before 1998 or where your friends love to have coffee?

My friends before 1998
All your friends’ pictures or Timeline detail will be there in search result.

Coffee shop in New Delhi my friends like
And see where your friends have sip of coffee and you too can proceed.
Screen Shot of Graph search Photos of my friends: Intelligent Computing

Want to buy an Antivirus?

Antivirus my friends like
And see which antivirus software most of your friends like (Stats based on Pages of Software they’ve like)
My friends who are computer expert
All your friends will be displaying who like Intelligent Computing or similar Pages and gets amazing tips and becomes expert.
News about California
There you may see the list of updates by Theweek or NY Times about California.
So what are you waiting for
Explore the Relation, Connection not for your connection but also for what you are how you are and plan your day from

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