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Tune up utility is best known budget software to take care all of your PC performance, appearance and security. You don’t have to worry about the PC problem if you have Tune Up utility there.

Windows PC is one of the great option to enjoying while working, but Windows PC is Home for Tremendous errors and attacks, so who going to take care of all these,  let Tune Up Utility do this all. In this post I am going to tell you 25 reasons to try Tune up Utility.
Every year Updated version Tune UP utility is the first thing to install on your PC after finishing all your Software and Driver installation. The Moment you finish installation, it start working on your PC and I bet on your new installed Windows, it can detect 100s of error at first Scan.

Why Must to Try Tune UP utility 2013 for Windows

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1. Disable/Enable program

Many of the Windows program keeps eating up your resources when not even in use. Its too difficult to search their process in Task manager and kill them individually. Tune up utility let you select and disable those heavy programs to reflect real time increase in the performance startup and shut down process of your PC.

2. Disable Startup program

Tune Up utility automatically suggests you to disable useless startup program, it also tell you the priority of their importance, which help you to decide easily to disable startup programs and speed up your Boot time.

3. Tune up Uninstaller

Tune up uninstaller is substitute of Add or remove program in Windows, it arranges the program according to last use date, size and priority which can easily help you to get rid of useless software.

4. Disk defragment

Windows keep the file in fragmented state on hard drivewhen copied or obtained from outer sources, files being fragmented, needs more power to hard drive to spin again and again to read all fragmented blocks of file and this will eat up your battery and performance. Tune up Disk defragmenter will show you live defragmentation on your drive.

5. Error detection in Hard disk

Your hard drive is working slowly, booting your PC is taking too much time, frequently your program stop responding, desktop freezes? These may be symptoms of hard drive error. Tune up utility automatically warn you for such error and let you scan to avoid future problem.

6. Restore Deleted files in Windows

Tune up utility is having feature called undelete. When we delete a file, it resides on hard driveuntil we put new data on deleted block of hard drive. Using this feature you can easily recover deleted files in windows when you’ve done accidently.

7. Securely delete data

When you want to delete some data completely and don’t want to leave any chance for recovering them, Tune up utility having feature called Tune Up shredder. Using various method like overwriting deleted file block with 0s and 1s it completely remove data from your hard drive. You can use this feature for deleting virus infected files.

8. Find and delete large data from your drive

Sometime your hard drive space is eaten up and you don’t even know where those files residing. Tune up disk explorer featuring the listing of all files in windows according to their type size and date at one place so that you can easily detect the files and delete them if not necessary. (Learn More about Disk management)

9. Clean up Windows and programs

Windows and installed programs use many files for local uses and temp uses. Tune up utility finds and delete those files and make your Space clean for storing more data.

10. Clean up browser

Many browsers like Google Chrome, Firefoxetc. get heavier and heavier after longer uses and make them slow. Tune up Browser cleaner finds the unused cache, temp files cookies and auto fill option, you can select the delete them to free your large space.

11. Registry Defragment

Making your windows setting work properly, Tune up registry defragmenter helps to arrange registry files to make your program run respond and get personalized faster.

12. Registry cleaner

Windows have many registryentry left after uninstalling program or making changes, tune up utility clean them all to make your registry works faster.

13. Registry editor

This is substitute of Windows Registry editor; it features bookmarking, saving registry and easily finding the key you’re looking for with awesome interface.

14. Turbo Mode

Does your PC stop responding on heavy program like Games and all? It’s because most of the features are eating up your PCs resources. Tune UP Turbo mode let you focus on performance of the particular application making all the unusual windows function stop and making your resources free.

15. Economy mode

Do you need to be out with your notebook for long time and worrying about the backup? Tune up economy mode will add up almost 30-60% more backup on your battery with smart configuration. It also stops all power consuming useless process stops and saves draining your battery. (Learn more how to increase your battery backup up to 140%)

16. Standard mode

Making all the Windows function work properly and incredible balance between performance and power saving is featured in Standard mode.

17. Tune up 1-click maintenance

This option will need your single command and it performs all the PC optimization automatically. It cleans up your registry, windows error, defragmentation of drive and registry, broken shortcut and disk error. It will keep going every scheduled time when PC is ideal and making your PC work faster without worrying about your attention.

18. Automatic maintenance

In Tune up setting> automatic maintenance, you can select the day or time interval for automatic maintenance and forget the rest. Tune up utility will manage all the optimization without affecting any of your jobs.

19. Increase performance

Tune up utility will ask you few configuration and uses data for your PC, after this it will suggest you the best options to make your PC’s performance better. All you need to accept or decline the suggestion, Tune up will do the rest.

20. Fix problems

Tune up utility keeps monitoring your PC for Antivirus status, firewall configuration disk error and unused programs and even broken security thread that may negatively impact your PC and suggest you the solution for this.

21. Optimize startup and shutdown

It will ask your need on PC and automatically adjust the PC’s start up and shut down speed according to the best algorithm set by Tune up utility.

22. Fix common windows problems

Icons not displaying correctly, folder not displayed, font folder not working, taskbar not working etc, tune up utility can fix all these common problem within few clicks.

23. Modify Windows setting

You can tweak most of the windows features and function via Tune up utility customization. These include all the option from animation to security. Just need to configure as per your need.

24. Windows appearance

Changing Windows default Icons, theme, boot screen log on screen and system element including changing the name of elements like recycle bin and My computer to what you want; will make your PC rocks.

25. Display and close running process

Substitute of Windows task manager with most of the deeper details of process and files. Deeper details let you understand the PC performance and close useless task/process.

26. System information

Tune up utility displays system information deeply including Windows, I/O processor drive and all other hardware separately makes you aware of your PC more than you even knew.
I know I made you aware of many awesome improvements that your PC can have, all you need to have Tune up utility installed on your Windows. Tune up is Free for trial for 15 days after that you can purchase and Get Tune up Utility 2013 key to activate your product for full use.

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