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Crime is no doubt erupted as one of major problem for all of us especially for woman. Our technology is helping us to make our life better all the time, let’s get to know how we can make it applicable for woman safety.
Welcome back friends, with rise in number of crime in society day by day, we cannot just wait for crime and wait for justice after that, especially in India where justice is like impossible.

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I am being a techno writer don’t want to get in political view, I just wanted to see everyone happy and what being a technology lover I love to use it for their safety, for a better society and better.
Here are the little effort to make you aware of 

Dedicated emergency codes

Whenever any crime occurs, everyone gets time to react and that time is very precious, everyone should be aware, of some emergency action to be performed. One can shout loud or yell at that time.
Now coming to the technology way. Codes like *91# is emergency code dedicated for women safety. On dialing *91# from the victims phone, it will alert the police control server. After this C & C server will alert the nearest police paroling location.
After that its up to police to take the action. Also the GPS team can extract the exact location of the cell phone and police can easily get on this.
It works same as the calling police, but the difference is your precious time.

Personalized weapons!

Being a normal citizen, one cannot keep the arms or weapons for safety all the time. But still there are number of ways to have protection. Laser guns, pepper spray don’t leave any identification on victims and attackers. Including the fingerprint scanner on your device, only owner can attack and it will be useless for the attacker.

App that will allow alert to the family in case of emergency

The App recently developed by CanvasM is very helpful for women specially. This application will have some emergency contact selected and it will also retrieve your GPS info. In case of emergency, a panic button provided in this app will send SOS message to all the trusted contacts immediately and also inform the correct GPS location of the person facing trouble.
Not only this, company also working to integrate the service to the police line system. This is specially being implemented in Delhi, in case of emergency, Delhi police will also get alerted and quick response can avoid big problem.
This app is available free to Download in Delhi and NCR region, for other reason it will cost INR 100 per annum for the service.

Hidden camera detectors

Hidden cameras have crushed many female’s life. If the technology they can use to capture the personal life of any person; why can’t we use it for fighting against them. Some mobile application can be created to detect the nearby cams in change room or washrooms/restrooms from mobile. And it can not only detect but also can disable those hidden cams on one push by spread some EM pulses.
These are few idea I had recently for your and your love one’s protection, if you feel it useful, share this idea on Facebook twitter and mail them too.
Also don’t forget to let us know how you make yourself safe by commenting below, other people will also know your idea.
Have safe and funny Christmas! Merry Christmas to you all