Facebook popping out in dropbox logo: Intelligent Computing
Facebook helps you to connect and share with the people in your life” Making this tagline true, now Facebook allow people to share files directly from their Dropbox.

Sometime before Facebook started to allow people to upload and share the file/documents in their groups. All you needed to follow simple steps to upload and share the files up to 25 MB to share.

Recently Facebook has integrated Dropbox with it.

Now your files that are already on your Dropbox account need not to be uploaded again and again on Facebook groups.

All you have to do is

Open the group you want to share/upload the files in

On the top, select Files

Screenshot of option in facebook group to select a file: Intelligent computing

Now you’ll be showing two options

Screenshot of Dropbox file selection option: Intelligent computing

Upload files (Maximum of 25 MB) and

Dropbox (choose files) without limitation
Now select the Dropbox option to choose files
Allow Facebook to use the Dropbox account and proceed
Now the popup will be open and Your Dropbox files will be displayed.

Select the one you want to share and Go.

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