Person Calling near Cloud Logo: Intelligent Computing
Evolution in technology provided us every comfort but what we lacking is time, thus need of mobile is been sighted. People prefer most of their day to day task to be finish on their hand while on move; see how the mobile have taken the big pie of technology.

People won’t bother to sit, open their notebook or desktop to check a mail, of simply to find the movie ticket around, checking twitter or checking the stats of your blog, this is though simple but doing such simple thing seems to be harder if for everything you have to switch on your computer. Mirror is saying everything is possible while you are on mobile.

Mobility led to evolve Windows 8, iPad mini, iPad and iPhones etc. beside than that all the websites are more preferred and organized for mobile view. 
Here in this info-graphic post you’ll find some great stats about the Mobile and its rise on the planet earth.

Rise of Mobile: Infographic: Intelligent Computing

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