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PAYPAL is one of the best and most used ways of online payments. But question is whether it’s secure or not?

We all have heard of PayPal. PayPal is an online money transfer line to which we can link our credit card, bank a/c etc and go for online payments, shopping and a lot of E-commerce after Paypal registration and having a Paypal Account.

PayPal works on utilizing various online servers worldwide based upon LINUX operating system (Linux, which itself is the most secured operating system) connecting to an offline database having all the information of its clients. Each server has a unique task to perform in synchronization with each other.
However these servers does not share information with each other hence if anyone breaks into the system one has to deal with heavily encrypted files one by one from each system. The separation of servers makes it difficult for anyone to access them simultaneously and hence it gets impossible to break in.
Whenever a deal is made either buying or selling of any good; the buyer authorizes the transaction via credit or debit card who has supplied PayPal with all its bank details.

The transaction is then directly handled by PayPal which contacts seller’s bank, card association and issuer paying necessary interchange fee.

eBay CEO John Donahoe announcing policy with Paypal: Intelligent Computing
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The money is transferred into a dedicated PayPal account. Finally after some time the money is transferred into user account respectively. This happens on a complete different server for security reasons.
so if you are thinking about the security on Paypal, the answer is Yes,

Paypal online : Intelligent computing

So have opened a PayPal account yet? If not don’t worry! Your money is in safe hands, what else you think about the security, any question suggestion of feedback, lets Discuss below.