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Backtracking is important if you want to keep your aim high, here see how internet had grown drastically in last 10 year.

Welcome back folks! Wish you a very happy Diwali to all of you. Today I’m mood to evaluate or say let’s have a flashback on the  internet evolution in last 10 year. The time when Google and Facebook had no existence and now when these are dominating kings of the Internet era. How people use to be and how much they use to be, what speed was and how they use to express themselves. Let’s start with some important parameters to compare both generations.

Internet At 2002: Intelligent Computing

Internet user growth 2002-2012

Internet User header: Intelligent computing

Internet User at the time of 2002 was around 569 Million of the total population, now at 2012 its around 2.27 billion.
Internet user graph: Intelligent Computing

Internet Usage

Internet Usage time header: Intelligent Computing

At the time of 2002, people use to surf Internet for average of 46 minute a day. At 10 year latter its around 4 Hr a day, (may be Social networking website has more credit for this)

Total Websites

Total Website header: Intelligent Computing

3 million website use to have stood on 2002 and now at 2012 guess what, its more than 555 million websites.

Web browsers

Web browser header; Intelligent computing

At the time of 2002, there use to be one main browser Internet Explorer by Microsoft, it was using 95% of the market rest 5% were other browsers. Now we have lots more option like Google Chrome is having 28%, Internet Explorer 39%, Mozilla firefox 25%, Opera 6% and rest 2% is other browsers.

Search trends

Internet Search header: Intelligent Computing
Top 10 searches on Internet at 2002
Top 10 searches on Internet at 2012
Rebecca Black
Winter Olympics
Hurricane Irene
World Cup
Avril Lavinge
Ryan Dunn
Start Wars
iPhone 5
Casey Anthony
American idol
Morrow Wind
Osama Bin laden
Warcraft 3
Steave jobs

Page loading time

Page loading time header: Intelligent Computing

Page loading times at the era of 2002 was use to be 16 second and average, now at 2012, its 6 second per page.


Internet Speed Header: Intelligent computing

At the 2002, it took around 12.5 minute to download a song by 56k modem, and now, it is only 18 second to spend on waiting.

Social networking websites

Social networking stats header: Intelligent Computing

Graph showing social networking: Intelligent Computing

At time of 2002 Social networking websites was not the image of internet, so users were less than 100 million but now scene is higher, it is around 850+ million internet user. Due to lots of craze on Build a social networking websites day by day especially after Facebook.

Other happenings

2002 Friendster Launched and 3 million users got involved, now Facebook is having 1000+ million users.

Screen shot of some of the famous Websites

CNN website screenshot at 2002: Intelligent Computing Screenshot at 2002: Intelligent Computing Screen shot at 2002: Intelligent computing
Internet Now at 2012: Intelligent Computing

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