The post reveals you the reality of all mobile apps and threat of these apps to us.

OMG we are bugged

Are you using a smartphone?

Do you spend your whole day playing ANGRY BIRDS, BAD PIGGIES, and Temple RUN?

Spending your whole Day playing and downloading apps from your respective smartphone market if makes your day, than I am sorry to reveal this secret to you.

Guys you are bugged.

All our personal details, our contacts, and even our location are being stored by the game.

According to experts applications like angry birds have an ability to collect personal information about their users, these apps may be angry birds, bible reader, app which turns your phone into flash light are capable of collecting information about your location, your smartphone’s unique identification number, photos from your picture libraries and even numbers from your contact lists.

As the mobile internet and smartphone industry are booming with more and more users being a part of the smartphone world. Well in legal terms, consumers are in grey legal area.

But for what reason are these Apps collecting our personal data? Is the only purpose to target people is for advertisements or anything else? Our personal information if leaked or if come in wrong hands through these apps, some of us may won’t have the same life again. 

Even some app makers simply say that accumulation of personal-information is the backbone of ad-driven internet.

Well last February, California Attorney general reached an agreement with six leading operators of mobile apps Amazon, Google Inc., HP co., Microsoft Corp etc. that privacy policies will be reviewed to consumers before downloading. The result was alarming that most of the apps came without privacy policies.

Rovio Entertainment, the makers of Angry Birds and recently launched Bad Piggy’s disclosed its information collection practices in a 3,358 word policy posted on its website. Well, 3,358 who reads that? Well this is the fault of consumers who neglect reading these policies.

Even on Facebook also users use different apps without knowing that even when you click to allow info to access through your profile, you allow the app to access all information you have submitted on your profile. We all now understand that some apps on Facebook even access our chat history, friend-list etc.

Well some advanced institutes are trying to make Apps which first tells the user that what kind of information it will be using.

I’ll end up or sum-up before signing off that” personal privacy should not be the cost of using apps, best is if read and understand these policies. “

Well best way of computing is INTELLIGENT COMPUTING !!!