Create strongest and easy to remember passwords: Intelligent computing

Most of the Passwords are cracked because of their weakness, strong passwords are harder to remember, want to opt the best way to remember the stronger password? Here is the way.

Many of the ways and application are in air for cracking your password for your OS or say your online account.

Before proceeding further, I would like to tell you something about the password and their storage system, please be assure at the end of this post you will be standing with lots of strong and easy to remember passwords that no one else can remember except you.

Most of the accounts or I should say all the password driven protocols encrypt the password to store of transmit over the network. Like Windows Passwords are saved in SAM file of /Windows/ directory and Linux passwords in Shadow file located in /etc/.

Once the password is being created, it is encrypted using lots of hashing and encryption algorithm. Usually it never gets back to password again.

You typed password: peter_009

After encryption it may be like this:
Usually 128-256 bit encryption is done and it’s so strong to decrypt back to original phrase.

Then how people crack password?

People or say crackers actually try different words or combination of words related to the user, until the password after conversion matched to the encrypted password. once it matched access is given to the cracker and password is noted for further use.

password stores after encryption: Intelligent computing

How such cracking is prevented?

Have you ever noticed, when you enter wrong password for 3-4 times on Gmail or Yahoo!, it start giving you CAPTCHA (random and hardly readable words) is displayed, yes this can be readable to human being only.

Most of the cracking is done by some kind of application that tries random words to password fields. CAPTCHA prevents those application/robots to try and login by those passwords. CAPTCHA ensures that the password is entered by human, not robots. So cracking is protected for online accounts.

Still these crackers can be use to break ZIP/RAR password, file/user account passwords. The time taken by cracker depends upon the strength of password and if your password is even stronger, cracker can even deny cracking it and you are protected.  

What is Strong Password then?

You can find anywhere all around what are strong password look like; some of the most common practices are here.
  • Never use your Username or part of username in your password.
  • Password length should be more than 8 characters.
  • Use Uppercase, lowercase, special symbols, numbers in your password.
  • Never use your phone number, friends name or such command thing as your password.
  • Never write password anywhere, and never use the same password for all your account.

These tips are finer and older one, these make you aware of what you should do, but you still can’t remember those password and no one helped you.

Intelligent ways to create stronger passwords

Here are 3 ways or I should say 3 ultimate and wonderful methods to create the awesome and unbreakable passwords

1. Set a special plan for passwords

Be aware before creating a passwords, you can use the special character to replace some of the most used character in your passwords.

Replaced by
It’s not necessary to use all these, but plan some such special replacement in your mind, no need to share it

Example Paris can be use as password like p@r!$

[Believe me this word will be more stronger than an 8 char password]

2. Encrypt password in your Mind

Sounds strange but yes you can do this, every one of you aware of numeric keypad of phone and T9 phone dictionary, you can convert your password into numbers and you don’t have to remember the numbers.

For example for writing word ‘Facebook’ you have to tap 32232665, so you can convert word facebook into number 32232665, similarly you can convert any of your word. You don’t have to remember what your password is; just remember what will make your password.

3. Password for Multiple accounts

This is another Big problem to remember all those Facebook, Twitter LinkedIN, Dropbox, Gmail, etc. dozens of password list.

Use the algorithm like this,
Now you can encrypt your username in numeric form as told above, and ‘@’ followed by sitename in special character converted by method in step 1

You can also use
Or any of the vast combination

You can use Uppercase and lowercase lettersfor alternate positions or after every 2 or say 3 char one uppercase latter or like this.

Example I can write Dheeraj TheDijje as

Tell me what else would be stronger than this simple word with intelligent conversion.
Important! Don’t always stuck to one plan, keep your password changing to random methods or mix method from any of the above method.

I would like to hear more method what else you do, but share only when you feel comfortable.
Have nice time everyone.

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