With constructions on full swing, more and taller sky scrapers are coming near future not only in India but across the globe. But have some one ever thought; that how much power these buildings will draw.

The consumption of electricity will rise and we all know our all major sources of producing are non-renewable and hence we should do something about it. Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah is such a constructional marvel,

And hey there!!
Whenever there is a problem engineer’s come with a solution .Here the solution is GREEN BUILDINGS.
Green Buildings refers to efficient use of our resources in the whole process of constructing, developing, maintaining to demolishing. Construction and functioning of building acquires for a whopping amount of energy which releases a large amount of CO2 .A smart green building is a convergence of technology and real estate. The devices and solutions are programmed in anip network. Many tasks such as lightning solutions, elevator control, heating ventilation and cooling (HVAC) are controlled according to the program in the IP network.

Implemented way of Green building

If elevators are not in use they will stop withdrawing energy and switch to a standby mode.
Also you have seen in shopping malls that escalators stop when no one is using but suddenly when someone moves close to the escalator it starts functioning.
The cooling shafts got temperature or heat sensors whenever the temp of the building increases/decreases from that particular temp the air conditioner responds. If temp has decreased the AC stops.

MOTION SENSORS ARE installed in a room which detects the position of the person from his body heat level the light above the person glows brighter than the lights away from the person. In this way there is no need for switching on all the lights of the room for a person working in only a single corner of the room.
Nowadays all the shopping malls, offices of giant MNC’s have implemented using this technology.   Taipei 101, in Taiwan has achieved 10% saving in electricity usage, consumption of water and waste management .its energy consumption is founded to be 30% more efficient then an average building.
The green building technique uses solar, passive and photovoltaic techniques for Power. It also emphasizes on proper utilization of water, rain gardens, greenhouse effect etc. are implemented to take maximum from renewable natural resources.
Cisco has already organized an end to end solution in the IP system of the green buildings. The name of the technology is energy wise.
This technology is a combine effect of various tech solutions on a single network like using led for lightning .some more solutions are such as follows

An Intelligent IP network

An IP n/w consisting the whole program of the building e.g. Cisco energy wise.

Monitoring and control

A high performance automation control to look after all devices and systems in the building

Battery less wireless sensors

Reliable wireless sensors for efficient signal tracing, also saves the cost of the wire. E.g. EnOcean

Energy efficient sources

L ED are the best example, a led can light up to 50,000hrs as compared to a CFL which lasts about 9000 hrs.

How this relates to your tech life

Definately it do, in the era of iPhone/iPad/Google/gadgets/Windows 8, no one cares about the one main aspect behind all this is energy, from where we going to draw our tech pleasure if no electricity. Every one of you must be aware of this and every one of us should be energy efficient, you can get the best battery saving tips here for Android or say Laptop.  Hoping more suggestion from you guys, comments are welcome.