Don’t you think it’s very irritating to have a document made at home PC after that take this incomplete Docs to your Potable devices like USB/Flash drive or Laptop and further work on it and transfer it to office PC and present or print there or do further, you also have to take care of the compatibility of the office suite you are using on the different computer and different platforms. After the enormous changes and upgrade made in web browser as well as web apps Cloud office is the best trend to have a simple and centralize copy of the file and compatible with all the file, even present it online. Here is list of best free 5 alternative of Microsoft office that uses cloud based system.

Before starting the working online one have to register on the online office suite and after that you can start working on it. There are mainly 5 service provider listed as
Top 5 online office suite: set a cloud office
By using your Google account you can not only use Google Docs but also you are invited for ThinkFree and Zoho. You need the individual account if you want to go for adobe or Microsoft Live office suite.

1.    Google Docs/Drive

Google Docs is best known online office suite as well as cloud file server for a Google account holder. Previously it was Google Docs but now it is known as Google Drive. It provides you best combination of simplicity and functionality. Due to upgrade in Google drive space, previously it provided 1 GB online cloud but now its up to 5 GB free online space. When you log on to you will see the file management interface with some of the pre loaded file. There you will find the options like upload the file, Create the file. Creating a file will let you choose the option for creating the Document/workbook/presentation/ or say many other files. You can download the PDF as well as the JPG format of file. Google Drive/Docs support almost 30 format of file along with 19 best professional fonts. It supports File manager and sharing of the file as well as saving the attachment directly to Google Drive.

2.    Microsoft office Live

Microsoft office is best known commercial office suite for offline computing and because of cloud culture; its cloud step came with SkyDrive and Microsoft Live office. You will require a Windows Live account to log in to it and after just that you can start office file creation. It provides you page setup option in it which is fixed for Google drive as A4. It provides you 25 GB of free storage with almost 42 installed fonts. The biggest limitation in it is that it only support Microsoft format of file, making this incompatible for mobile document and the document which need processing on multiplatform. It won’t give you file management function it. You can’t export the file as different format as Google docs will provide you import format+ PDF format export. You can start it right now by visiting SkyDrive.

3.    ThinkFree office

As already mentioned you can use the Google account to log in to ThinkFree office suite. After log in you will notice Microsoft office classic look of 2002 here on it. It has lots of features inbuilt and greater flexibility to think. The Online space you will get is 1 GB and you can use the installed more than 290 font in it. It support all Microsoft as well as non Microsoft file format. You can collectively import the document but not export the entire document at the same time. Like Microsoft live office, this also doesn’t have file manager function in it. You can go to for this.

4.    Zoho

Zoho support Zoho, Google and Facebook account to log in it. Zoho is the great online tool specially for account and business based system for all the office need. Its interface is same as like the MS office 2003 and one thing is that it is bulky in size. Take longer time to load and operate. It supports all Microsoft and non Microsoft general file format. It provides you 27 fonts with 1GB online free cloud storage. It provides you mailing/sharing as well as file manager facility in it. You can export the files as same in import format + PDF + Html format.  You will not notice the Help section in it instead you will get the FAQ section for any help. Expert recommendation for this is when you are using sound internet connection and have account as main focus. Log in to it on

5.    Adobe Acrobat

Adobe is best known king for most of the web based application as well as adobe reader. Adobe acrobat is online platform for you minimalist type office suite. It takes you cost of many other file format like workbook, it support only Doc(x) format. For logging there, you will need an Adobe ID, it support collective import but not collective export of the files. Similarly it doesn’t give you choice of file manager in it. It is provided with 5 GB of cloud space with 7 installed fonts to work on.  File can be export in the Doc(x) plus PDF format. On the bases of performance it is on average good. It doesn’t allow you to collectively import multiple file at the same time.

here are a view for mobile office.

So user have to choose from these with little tricky options on the bases of fonts, import export format as well as protocol for it. Decent look and multiple function is saying Google Drive is best, if you will go for storage Skydrive i.e. Microsoft live office suite is best, and for choices of fonts you can go for ThinkFree. You may leave your suggestion to us why and what are your views.