Some time you wish to send a large files like movies or large application to your friend on long distance and it is not possible to mail them, another way is to upload them to any online storage site and download them from anywhere after sharing. But this will consume more time plus the uploading and downloading time will be eat up and cost for data browsing will be more. Torrent is the Method by which you can send the larger to larger files directly to your friends without any bulk upload or download. So in this video tutorial you are going to learn the same.

Firstly you need to create a torrent file and before that you will need uTorrent or BitTorrent Client Which you can Download from Buttons Below

Now you need to create your Own computer as the server and send the file to your friend via Email or any other Method. in next video you will learn how to create own Torrent 

and now you are ready to send large files across the planet and start seeding. Please feel free to share and comment your suggestion and feedback to Intelligent computing team.