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Today again I am with you with third and probably most popular Internet Browser. Like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is an open source browser and in open source you can do many more stuff then that of internet explorer and all. I love open source for the same reason and developer contribute in open source with heart and world get more then they provide. Mozilla Firefox hides more than 1500 setting in different format like Boolean integer and hexadecimal values. They all can be modified and one can also add the more entry as per need. So in this post I am going to tell you how to explore your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Mozilla Firefox Trick to Increase Speed of Webpage Download

Mozilla Firefox is a faster browser and it give larger speed for browsing and downloading. This value is set inside the browser setting in integer format. You can even faster the speed of Mozilla Firefox by little changes
Open your Firefox Browser.
Navigate the following Address:
[+] About:config
You can see that its value is 600 by default. As already told you this value is in millisecond. So edit this entry and make this to 100 and save it, and enjoy even faster browsing experience.

Mozilla Firefox Trick to turn off the Tab Animation

Latest Browser and many of the application is now having lots of animation for smoother look and eye catching appearance. But another hand of this, it require more CPU performance and RAM and other computer resource and little slower for fast user. You can turn it off too.
Simply navigate as follows
[+] about:config
            [-] Browser.tab.animate
You can see the value there as True. You can simply edit it to False to turn off the Animation and get speed and resource for your other application

Mozilla Firefox Trick to turn off unnecessary scans

When any download complete Firefox Scan it for any missing in the packet and sometimes it seems to be useless. If you wish to turn off these scans then Proceed as follows.
[+] about:Config
            [-] Browser.downloadmanager.scanWhenDone
And Change its value to False.
But we do not recommend the same because some of your ZIP/RARA files need to scan for proper sequence.

Mozilla Firefox Trick to Install Add-ones Instantly

Mozilla Firefox takes longer time than usual to install add-ones on your browser. It will wait to show you unnecessary warning, then will for you to click Install Now Then again a warning. If you are aware wht you are going to install you can prevent all these to happen. Simply follow the steps below.
Navigate as
            [-] security.dialog_enable_delay
There you can see value ‘2000’, just change it to ‘0’ and you are done.
But be careful from malwares and other such content in your unknown Add-ones.

Mozilla Firefox Trick to Recommend More Websites or Turn this off

When you type address in your New tab or New windows of Browser then you can see the recommendation of list of websites for you, if you wish to increase the number of recommendation for you then simply you can tweak your firefox as follows.
Go to
[+] About: Config
            [-] browser.urlbar.MaxRichResults
Here you will see the value ‘12’ by default. You can increase this limit as per your choice. But in case you don’t want any recommendation then simply put its value as ‘-1’
Mozilla Firefox Trick to run the Server Script More than usual
Mozilla Firefox allow server to run the script for 10 second for any response. If however you don’t respond within the time, script will be expire and no longer will be appear. This Rule may be Great for Wii Lan Connection but prove to be very tedious for Slower Dial up connection. So control it as you wish
Navigate as follows
[+] About:config
            [-] dom.max_script_run_time
Here you can see the value 10, you can enter the value of Second you desire and confirm it. And done.
Similary you vcan see for many other setting and change it as your choice. But be at safer side or if you did any unknown and wrong changes, you can set it as default setting.
Hope you enjoy Learning New things for your Browser. See you With Next post. Follow us on twitter and facebook