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Suppose your one of the computer or laptop is running with Internet connection and you want to share the internet connection with your Laptop to computer, laptop to tablet, laptop to Smartphone and so on. So here is the elaborated explanation of the whole process even help you to share the file and folder along with this.

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It is the basic of networking that how to share the internet connection or even files and folder between the two computing devices by Wireless Connection, USB connection or even Bluetooth connection.

Sharing an internet Connection between Laptops

The Wireless Way

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At the some point of the moment you must have felt to Create a network in quick way between your devices and even sharing files and folder along with the Interenet connection. For this Windows 7 and windows vista have the built in feature to create the Ad-Hoc Connection in it. Means you can directly connect the another device with your computer/laptops without using any another router.
So lets start

Step 1:
Open the Windows Control Panel and select ‘Network and interent’

On Newly appeard windows Select ‘Network and sharing center’.

In Network and sharing center windows select ‘Set up a New connection or network’.
A wizard will be open. Now in this dialog box select ‘Setup A Wireless Ad-Hoc (Computer to computer) Network’ option.

Click next again and Enter the network name followed by the Security code

Step: 6
After that Your network will be ready to use. Click Close

Now Select the change Advance Sharing setting and Select the Options that you suite to share the file and folder of your computer….

Lets Start Now
Now connect and go the wireless network property and in sharing tab Check the “Allow other network to use the internet connection in home network” option and next check too. Save the changes.
And Do the same for another computer and laptop that you want to connect to and enjoy the connection.
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and for LAN and USB connection read the further post.
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