Whatsapp view once

Facebook and WhatsApp executives Mark Zuckerberg and Will Cathcart had recently revealed that they will be launching a new feature called ‘View Once’.  WhatsApp is now finally rolling out this new feature to its Android beta testers. This new feature is said to make conversations more private and secure. Let’s talking about this new feature in detail below. 

‘View Once’ is a feature where a user can send a video or image and that media can only be viewed once by the recipient. Once selected, you will have to tap on the clock-like icon, which the app will display near the “Add a caption” bar. You can then send disappearing photos to your friends and family members. Despite the limitation of viewing the media once, the recipient can still take screenshot.

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This feature works for videos, photos, and GIFs. The view once apparently still works if you send a message to someone who doesn’t have access to the feature. However, they will need to get the feature in order to send images and media under ‘View Once’.

The easiest way to detect if your device has got the new feature is a small view once button next to where the message is previewed. The user who sends the message can also see the status of the message if it has been delivered, seen and opened.

WhatsApp is rolling out the view once feature to WhatsApp beta for Android version. Android Beta users who are on this version and still don’t see the feature may receive it in a future update. iOS Beta users will soon get the feature as well.

Because of all the Privacy Policy controversy, this update got pushed back.  We were wondering if applications like Telegram and Signal would replace WhatsApp. Thanks to its huge market share, the messaging app was able to tackle the controversial act. WhatsApp is still a go-to platform for most people and it continues to add new features for its users.