Facebook-owned Instagram has expanded the length of the Reels, so users will be able to make longer videos. The company has announced the new update via its Twitter handle. As per the tweet of Instagram, Its Reels’ video length has been increased to 60 seconds.

Launched in 2020 as an alternate to TikTok, Instagram Reels was offered as a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram. Earlier this month, Tik Tok extended its video up to 3 minutes. Instagram’s news is also good for TikTok users who want to post longer TikTok videos on their Instagram accounts with Reels.

How to Create 60 Sec Reels

Creating these 60-seconds Reels is the same as creating shorter Reels. The steps remain the same.

  • Go to the Reels tab on the app
  • Record the content or upload from phone storage.
  • Once the Reels are uploaded, share them with your followers and others on the Instagram platform.

Important Updates on Instagram

The safety feature For Teenagers

Instagram has also announced some changes in safety features, in order to make this platform more secure for young people.

  • Starting this week, everyone who is under 16 years old (or under 18 in certain countries) will default into a private account when they join Instagram.
  • Making it harder for potentially suspicious accounts to find young people.
  • Limiting the options advertisers have to reach young people with ads.

For young people who already have a public account on Instagram, Instagram will show them a notification highlighting the benefits of a private account and explaining how to change their privacy settings. They will still have the choice to switch to a public account or keep their current account public if they wish.

Sensivtive Content Control:

“Sensitive Content Control,” which allows you to decide how much sensitive content shows up in Explorer. This new feature gives users control over sensitive content. Users can decide to leave things as they are if they are or they can adjust the Sensitive Content Control to see more or less of some types of sensitive content. This control will give people more choice over what they see.


To view your Sensitive Content Control:

  1. Go to your profile, tap the Settings menu in the upper right corner,
  2.  Tap Account, then tap Sensitive Content Control.
  3. Here you can decide whether to keep the setting at its default state (“Limit”) or to see more (“Allow”) or less of some types of sensitive content (“Limit Even More”).

You can change your selection at any time. One exception to this: the “Allow” option will not be available to people under 18.