Google announces cool new features of Android O in Google I/O. Here we are compiling few which you can see within minute.
Android O Image/wallpaper : Intelligent computing
Welcome back to intelligent computing, Words sometimes is not enough to show you what actual beauty of new Google products are, Yes i am talking about Android O.

Android O developer preview has been launched in Google IO with cool new exciting features and various small to big changes.
Here is expected launch schedule for android O.
Android O developer preview and launch timeline : Intelligent computing

Watch Collection of cool features of Android O by yourself. Video by Android Authority .

This is developer preview and is going to be improved and new features will be keep adding until its launch followed by updates. What features you expect to be here in new android o, and most important, what’s going to be O stand for? Orio? As i could see this thing floating on Google.

Android O Orio Image : Intelligent computing

Leave your comment and guesses below, stay updated stay awesome.