Logged to any of your online account on Gmail, Facebook of such online sites, but couldn’t logged out? You can log out from those system even you do not have any access to that machine. Let us get to know how you can do this and how this is possible.

Online accounts should not treated lightly, these accounts not only having very confidential data but also these has become lifeline of youngsters and all. Missuse of these can ruin your image, your social value and even your professional values. You can always have options to control everything; all you need to do is give time-to-time review of your accounts.

I have many Security related postson my blog, and I would suggest you should go through those. I also recommend you these two post if you possessive about your online accounts.

Beside this, you can use the enable Facebook Login notificationfor your Mobile and desktop, this helps you to decide which system you should save and which system you should not.

You can Do this either by clicking link above or Simply Facebook > Account Settings > Security Settings >

Now let me tell you how you can Log out your account from other systems, even you do not have access to those systems.

Log out Gmail Accounts remotely from any computer.

1. Log on to your Gmail Account from any Device, computer or mobile.

2. Scroll to Down to page and your Will find option similar to, Recent Activity or Last Activity.

3. Click on the link provided, you’ll get redirected to page, where you can find the recent login of your Gmail account along with IP Addresses and approximate location.

3. You can log out account individually, but for more security if you are not sure the actual device name, IP, or anything,
You can click on button Log out from all other session,

4. Click on this button will log out your account from all other devices except the one you are currently logged in with.
This will log out your session from those systems but make sure you have not saved your password on those systems, of so, immediately change password ASAP after logging out.

Log out Facebook Accounts remotely from any devices

1. Log on to Facebook Account.

2. Open Account settings.

3. In security settings, go to Active Session and click on details.

4. Once it will open, you can see list of active sessions, you can end activity of that system where you forgot to log out.

Moreover, that is all.
If you saved password on another systems, please change the same As Soon As Possible.
How this Remote log out works. Let us get to Know about Sessions?
In older implementation, server used to save the passwords of the users on PC in hashed form, whenever  user log in to those account, password is accessed by corresponding site decoded and user automatically gets logged in.
Problem with this approach was anyone has access to those cookies where log-in details are saved and after bruit force, it may be decoded.

Concept of Session

Session is another way to communicate with computer browser. In session, instead of saving password or such data on system’s hard drive, server creates file on Server itself to store such information.

For accessing such data, server just create the cookies having random text, which tell server to access that particular file after cookies get verified. Once cookies verified, server finds the corresponding file on server’s own database and gets the login details from there.

User logged in easily using sessions, in above case, we just delete the session data and make the cookies saved on those unreachable system untrusted, so when those cookies sends data to server to retrieve username and password, server refuses to access and ask for the username and password again, making account log-out.
This layer up security on these accounts, and server get more secure. Such session can be easily deployed using script languages like PHP.

Bottom line

You can log out to your account from any unreachable system just make sure your password is not saved on those system, in such case you need to change the password. I hope you understood the concept of session, and if not go to last section again. And don’t forget to share this with your friend circle using social media. Have awesome time you all.