BIOS contains many hardware related information that we need frequently, if you wanted to see it anytime, you needed to restart your System and open BIOS and check the details there. Here know how you can see your Computer’s BIOS information without restarting or turning off your computer.

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So let us start today’s small trick how you can see BIOS information on your Windows.
It is irritating to shutdown, restart your entire system saves your stuffs and open BIOS to see a Quick information about your BIOS. Now you can do it in seconds without spending 2 3 or even more minutes to check this small information.
You know you can do this by using your Registry, Registry of your Windows Saves all the BIOS information in details and you can check it anytime using few clicks.
For of all you need to Open Registry Editor.
You can go to Start > Run and Type regedit
In another and quick way, you can do this as follow:
Simply tap ÿ+R key and type regedit inside it.
Allow Windows to open Registry Editor by granting administrator permission.
Now in your Registry Editor navigate as follows:
[+] System
[+] BIOS
Now you can see entire BIOS details of your computer even more then BIOS information by selecting more sub options like CentralProcessior and other values from here.

Special Tips

You do not need to remember this location to see these details repeatedly.
Check out the menu bar, there you can see favorites,
Click on BIOS key and Add this location to Favorites and you can quickly access this entry anytime with no delay.
When you wanted to open BIOS details next time, instead of 3-4 minute, you need only 30 second at maximum.

Bottom Line

BIOS details helps you to find your computer’s BIOS version, serial Number, and many other precious details that you may need quickly, and this method not only save your time but also will not affect any of your current work or anything. Share this small but helpful post to your friend circle on Twitter/Facebook groups and recommend them using your Precious +1.