YouTube is full of Awesome channels and people making their work viral, video is best way to learn than any other way, here I compiled 5 YouTube channel for you to make your Techno learning awesome and stay updated.

YouTube known as hub of all videos where one can easily finds videos in all categories whether it’s music, movies, sports or our very own mind boggling Technology. Here is a List of 5 intelligent Channels on YouTube picked up by us for you.

Google developers

This channel deals with all kind of developer stuff from God Google. All Chrome stuff and Android stuff is available here. Many Googlers  and Developers discuss and give presentations about all upcoming Google stuff as well as development of other dynamic stuff. This channel also consist of videos from GOOGLE  I/O.
Number of Subscribers: – 362,951+
Views:– 46,159,300+++ 
Joined 22 Aug 2007


Well if you are not a developer and are not interested in the coding stuff but enjoy the world of Google like all about Nexus, new android applications and people at Google, this is a must to subscribe channel for you. Videos relating to Google wallet, Google maps etc. all about Google’s vision of the upcoming future and Google’s role in it are available in this channel.
(Trust me these are highly interactive).
Number of Subscribers: – 1,932,034+
Views:– 742,527,558++


We all know or some of us may have heard or may have come across the name “The Verge” which is the leader of the tech-media industry. This YouTube Channel has all videos relating to all happenings in the tech industry, the previews, reviews, launches, comparisons everything is present here in form of interactive HD videos. Not only this some Videos relating to the future of the devices are also there and are quite interesting.
Number of Subscribers: – 202,981++
Views:– 47,341,750++
Joined 7 Aug 2006


What if every new device in the market is unboxed in front of your eyes?
We all see advertisements and reviews with a HD photograph or some animation and visual effects on TV. But sometimes it so happens that the product turns to be a bit different than they appear in the advertisements. Samsung Galaxy Y and Champ aren’t that big than they appear in advertisements. Some of us place order on e-bay without knowing how the device will actually look or is worth buying?  Or sometimes we don’t have the budget to actually buy a certain device or let it be  that the device is unavailable in your country .The admin of this channel unboxes all newly released devices in front of our eyes and switches them ON. It’s like getting the first look first !!!
Number of Subscribers: – 557,182++
Views:– 240,516,122++
Joined 7 Jun 2007


Well ever heard of jailbreaking (not the prisoner’s escape) but the Apple device jailbreaking. All about Apple and jailbreaking is present in this channel. All about how to safely jailbreak your device and use your APPLE device in a proper manner.
Number of Subscribers: – 384,508+
Views:– 62,236,457+

Bottom line

Hope you liked these collection by Jatin Chadha, we have more and more topic to share with you all, shay updated, share this post and don’t forget to be awesome.