MBR is one to boot your windows computer, it’s a small file which initiates the booting process, if you have ever caught message, MBR Missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to Restart, here we’ll learn how to repair and restore MBR without Deleting your Data.

Hi everyone, welcome back to Intelligent Computing, today we’ll make you learn Boot Manager repair process, but before that, I’ll make you aware of MBR? What is MBR and why it stops your Windows to start.

Introduction to MBR (Master Boot Record)

Master boot record is the first ever sector in your hard drive which will initiate the loading process of windows in your RAM and thus your windows will boot up. It will hardly contain the list of files to be loaded to initiate the loading process of windows.

Below there is image (Image source: scx010c066.blogspot.com) shows you the partition on your windows computer drive. Where C drive start, where MBR is located and all.

The process of Booting of windows operating system involves the following:
POST (Power On Self test)
NTLDR (New Technology Loader: for Windows)
MBR (Master Boot record)
Windows Loading
Let’s Begin
How to repair/Fix the MBR in Windows 7 or Windows 8
I assume you are seeing a Black screen having Message
MBR is Missing/Compressed/Dmanaged
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart
All you need to have a Bootable DVD or Windows 7/Windows 8 whatever OS you’ve installed.
Step 1
Insert the DVD in Optical drive and Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart your System.
Step 2
Once its being start, just start pressing the F12 key continuously, this will show you option to choose the drive to boot from, Select the DVD drive and Hit Enter
Step 3
You’ll be seeing message “Press any Key to Boot from CD/DVD…”
Press any Key, Enter, Space or anything on keyboard.

Step 4
Windows will load the files to the temp drive and show you install option, don’t select install, and select the repair option from lower part of the Small windows there.

This will scan your drive and will ask you which OS is to repair, if you have one OS, it will be selected by default, Press Next.
Step 5
In next option, it will show options like
Startup repair
Systems restore
System Image Recovery
Windows memory Diagnostics
Command prompt

From there select the Command Prompt option.
Step 6
In command prompt,
Issue the following command
Bootrec /FixMbr    // If you have Damaged MBR
Bootrec /Fixboot   // If you’r MBR is having problem or Missing.
Bootrec /Rebuild  //If you’re MBR is Compressed or unable to repair
After this command you’ll see message like this
Scanning all disks for Windows installations.
Please wait, since this may take a while…
Successfully scanned Windows installations.
Total identified Windows installations: 0
The operation completed successfully.
After this you’re MBR is repaired or Rebuild, you can exit the command prompt and press restart, your computer will be starting as normal.
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