How you can use Google for Amazing research: Intelligent Computing

Google is not only search engine for now a day, buts its huge libraries of interconnected information pointers, how much do you search and how you can get everything using Google search, lets learn with this amazing info graphic post.

Hi everyone, I was thinking of posting something for student or newbie learners, and learning start with Google, if you want to really want to have updated stuff, I won’t recommend old books, just Google it and get in on few clicks.

You can learn more than you expect, you can get more out of Google than you did ever, just need to transform your minds quarry into the words and type them in correct order with correct operator if needed and, there you’ll see perfect result.
In earlier posts, I had posted about Tips and Tricks using Google. This will help you to understand Google is not only a search engine to find the list of websites and all.

Google is too smart and it has amazing algorithm that help the world to find the latest and most relevant results, it’s all not only depends on your quarries but so many other thing as well, you can read my post:

How to use Google to get most out of it?

Well we have a Infographic post to be share with you guys, this infographic is created by and thanks to them, I am glad to share this amazing content with you all. If you are mobile user, we recommend you to save the image and you can see whole image after zooming via your phone, of if you are Smartphone user, zoom the image to fit best.

Bottom line

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