I wonder most of the people in the world using the technology with the way they need to spend lots of seconds specially those who need it, today I can suggest you some amazing time saving tips that will change your life.

Everything risky comes with the License and but technology doesn’t. they just give you computer and ahh, no one would ever tell you how to use it better and better if you are not a power visitor of Intelligent computing.
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Way to Fast Browsing

If you are browsing the web, and want to scroll down or scroll up, please don’t ever pick your mouse, to scroll up scroll down.
You can just use your Spacebar to Scroll down one page; yeah it will work for almost every browser, using the Shift key along with the spacebar will scroll it up. And even up and down key will do it if you have clicked on any blank location on webpage.

Filling forms go faster

While using the web or any of the dialogue box, if you ever used mouse to click on each and every new box, its ridicules, you can just use the Tab key to go to next field and Shift plus tab key to go to back field while filling the form.

Work faster with Dropdown list

If you ever come to fill the or select the option from the dropdown list, just down again pick your mouse and start scrolling, just reach to it by using the tab key and fastly type the first latter of the option you want to select, you can type second key as well, example if you wanted to select the work USA, you can type U or US  or typing the U again and again until USA will be coming. Believe me; it will make your computing awesome.

Adjust text size during the browsing

Whenever you are facing if the text is too small or too large in size, don’t pick the mouse and look for the zoom button on your browser, just use Ctrl + + + + for zooming in and Ctrl + – – – for zooming out and make the text size large or small as well.
You can also use the scroll up while holding down the Control key to zoom in and Scrolling down the while holding the control key to zoom out.

Typing on Smartphone goes smarter

While typing on any of your Smartphone, you must be ending the sentence with period and space bar than capitalize the first latter type it after that un capitalize the key and start typing again, no save your time.
Work on all phones, iOS, android, Blackberry, just end the sentence and hit the spacebar twice, it will automatically put the period, put one space after the period and capitalize the first latter of the next word, you don’t have to do all that time hunger process again. After all you are going through Intelligent Computing.

Dialing last call quickly

This will also work on your all the smart phones, to dial the number you’ve just dialed before, you don’t need to open the last dialed call record, select the first one and dial it.
Just do as I say, on your number pad, hit the call button and it will show you last dialed number and again hitting the call button will call it. You can quickly do hit call button twice to call the last number you’ve called.

Using Google faster

Google is not only the Search engine, it can be a dictionary and many things more. Just type the define followed by your word and you can get its meaning without even hitting the enter key.
You can also convert things quickly by typing US dollar in euro and there you go.
See complete Google shortcut here.

Working on text editor like a woo

If you ever wanted to select the word in your text editor to get it copy or delete or cut, don’t waste your life in clicking and dragging the whole character one byone, just double click anywhere on the work and whole word will be selected in any browser in any text editor.
Don’t need to deleted the highlighted word by tapping delete key or backspace just type on it, it highlighted word will be replaced by new typed word. You can select whole paragraph and type over it, save your time.

Presentation like a pro

It’s so irritating while giving presentation that people are looking at slide instead of you while you’re speaking. Its dam falling, you can just use the B key to blackout the slide and let the audience focus on you.
You can also use the W key to whiteout the whole slide, and let you drag attention finally. Want to show this again tab the same, B or W key again and there you go.
Congratulations, you are now 70% smarter then any else tech user on earth. Have great day thanks for reading must share, like +1 pinn it.