solar socket: Intelligent Computing
While generation is busy in heading for powerful mobiles, tablets netbooks, one have think for powering up all on the go, mobile computing is still having battery as consistency factor, and here we go.

Why Such device needed.

Mobile device is one of the most important part of body these day and one can’t survive without it. But this need to be operated on battery which is highly drained by great performance processor, 24×7 running important apps, even heating or browsing, hidden apps and unknown programs, all those need your best resource i.e battery. So what plan you have to sustain with these all.

Do you carry charger all the time? Nice idea but not great especially for outing, tracking, picnic or long drive, isn’t it?

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What is this Solar socket device

The invention need to be here and its done by Designers: Kyuho Song& Boa Oh and invented this amazing first of its kind of device, which not only will be used for directly using the solar energy for your device but lots more than this.

According to the source report, this is completely eco-friendly device runs on solar charging and converting solar energy into electrical energy. Plastic covered device comes with the solar panel at the back of it and a transparent plastic cum rubber base to stick to glass surface with ease.

Its front part is having 2 pin sockets which can drain the power directly from converted sun’s energy. Or I will say this will drag power directly from solar energy and can make any of your device feed it whenever and wherever it need.

It is having internal battery as well that can store power up to 1000 mAh and need 5-8 hour to completely charge it. After its completely charged, you can carry it with you even in your bag and charge the device on the go even at night.

While not drawing energy, you can turn it on cut off mode, it will be taking no energy and will survive even 10 hour after the sunset.

Features Highlight and scope

As a whole, we can name this device as Solar socket because we are directly plugging our charger into solar energy merely inch of conversion. This device is having following points to be awesome:

  • Use by sticking on any of the glass which receiving the sun light, it will start working right there.
  • This contains solar cell, charger and battery inside of capacity 1000 mAh, which in future can be enhanced.
  • Plastic device is portable and easy to carry in bag or on windshield.
  • Air pressure operated sticky back will help to easily stick on any glass surface and take the light.
  • Work even after sun, it can store energy up to 10 hour, this means charge on the go in day or charge on the go inside your bag.

When we are expecting solar socket for us?

Solar socket is not only awesome device but also very affordable, it’s not in market yet but will be in future it will be very or say almost totally important for mobile device. Don’t forget to share this amazing device with your friends on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest, thanks for reading don’t forget to be Intelligent.