Business is being digitalized daily, and one of the most important thing grows with business is data and that need a safe, reliable and secure storage. Let’s discuss the idea of cloud storage for business with its Bright and dark side.
What is Cloud storage?
Cloud storage is storing your data on remotely located server’s data centers and makes it accessible from all the location, no matter where the company is where the branches are. Storing data on cloud is Safer and secure and free from physical damage.
Beside this we may need to face the loss of confidentiality and remotely storing of Sensitive data is sometime not preferable.
A group of 5 employee of a large economic business unit; all have to store maintain some data from tax  information to future plan new idea, employee details and so on,. Especially after 2010 cloud word made enormous changes in the mind of individual especially mobile user and business. Storing these data on cloud is far greater idea and too economical and easy to sustain with it.

Why Business should use the cloud for Business?


Storing data on cloud allow user or business to easily expand the storage of their personal/business files. For example a company started with 5 members may require few hundred MB of data but latter it may be grow and demands may grow up-to several GBs.
Cloud storing company can easily extend your business storage data on cloud and it’s you don’t have to worry or upgrade the servers time to time.


If you send any secrete information to the company or any other members, depending upon the network type, it may be risky. But cloud storage providers take best measure to layer your business and data with latest security protocol and encryption. All you need to just send the file location on cloud and other member can access it by providing their details.

Disaster protection

Due to any of natural or manmade disaster it is quite possible that server can be damaged or lost, in case of no Backup, all your data will be just lost. In case you’ve saved the data on cloud, the cloud company takes great measures to prevent this kind of mishap and in that case too they have multiple redundancies of data on many other data centers on the globe.

Employee calibration

Because the Data is stored on cloud, employee can access the data on cloud anytime wherever they have access to internet. They can work together on same file and make those files complete even when at home.

Why Business may avoid the cloud Storage?

Sensitive information:

Sometime companies has valuable records to be saved on the servers and if they save them on the cloud, they don’t know even where those data are stored physically, it feels little insecure to put those sensitive data on internet.

Internet reliability

It is not possible to move the larger data on cloud especially when internet bandwidth is low. Because of all those business and data transmission access is completely dependent on Internet. All will be functional until internet or connection is working.

Bottom line

Data storage policy on Cloud can be much more beneficial and convenient, moreover companies can make the strong strategy to store the sensitive data on their local servers with multiple copies to different location and accessible through VPN so that it may be safe even after the disasters.