Google Glass Closeup orange Frame: Intelligent Computing
The first world famous Wearable computer/mobile from world’s tech giant Google, i.e. Google Glassis finally about to launch this year. In this post we’ll have some technical view in simplified form how does it work.

If you are our consistent reader, we have shown you how it feels through Google glass, and this doesn’t need any introduction this day. In this post we’ll discuss how this is going to work, how the device is structured and what each part works and how such smartness is introduced in small part.

When I first heard about Glass 2 year back, I thought it must be connected through any phone inside the pocket. But when recently I had look on its features and working, I was just wow!
So let’s have look on this device one by one part.

Google Glass Wide clean Image: Intelligent Computing

First of All let’s take the simple Google Glass Image and let me describe you the location of I/O devices and processing part of it. All I have mentioned in image of this Glass.

Google glass with labeled device name: Intelligent computing

Front Side Glass

Image showing Projector and Glass: Intelligent Computing: Google Glass

In front side, a small Glass is Prism which will work on Total internal reflection and all the display will be shown on this portion only, without any back support actually. Transparent display for this device is possible due to some more factors you will see a bit ahead.

Front part

Google Glass Projector and Prism display: Intelligent Computing

This part where Glass/prism is attached will be even smarter. This projector will project the image/video/screen on the one face of the prism and it will in turn reflect in front of our eyes. It will also have some eye tracking capacity and we can command even trough eyes.

Front camera:

Not actually front, rear camera is located at backside of the glass, just beside the projector. It will have the image/video for sharing with people or just recording. Its specification is not known yet.

Lower side of front part:

This part will have the Microphone which will have the voice command just like siri and start functioning. It is in front part so that voice input should get clear.

Side solid part:

This is main processing and storage part of the glass. It will have the CPU and memory where Android OS will be residing. It is made so efficient to prevent heating and energy efficient too.

Side lower part:

The part near to ear is having speaker inbuilt there. You can listen music/online video/music on the Go through this device and speaker.

Back part

The back heavy looking part is battery of this device, Google didn’t disclosed the actual specification of battery is still not in light.

Know Google Glass from close Look

Google glass retina Moment display: Intelligent Computing
Image from Infographic by Martin Missfeldt 

Challenges for Google Glass!

Google Glassis no doubt a master piece in technology. It will bring the Computer/internet from home or mobile to real life where people will use internet with whatever they are doing. They don’t need to pick out their phone to check the status of ticket, or weather or traffic. All is going in front of eye whenever they needed.

Challenges in Google Glass: Intelligent Computing

Still if some people have spaces already, than distance of the prism will increase and display will get the blurred or quality will reduce.

Individual production of glass is much more expansive. So they need to have contact lances with them. Hoping this article is informative for you all and let us know your thought by commenting below. Please spend 5 second to share this with your friends.