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Default Blogger Comment is great and you know commenting is the special part of reading a blog, and Google made it lovely.

Hi everyone,
Welcome back to my new Update, on April 18, Google Announces on GoogleBlog.Blogspot.comabout this new exiting feature added in Blogger.

Everyone may not but I those who do, they know how important it is to comment and get comment and seem, realize how active we are on blogosphere and worth getting words.


Why Comment is important

Commenting on the Post depends on many factor including your content, does it leave anything to say, or does it make any thing worth discussing, may be it deserves great complement and all.
Another very important point I personally consider is where and how your comment box/widget is formatted, I mean it should be easy awesome and its greater if it provides me any back link.
I am already in love with Google+ and everything about it. Comment box is one of those, now Google Brings Comment box to new Blogger blog.
You can now actively participate in discussing with amazing comment widget.
 You can +1 the comment you like, reply the comments and share it on Google+ anytime.

How to get New Google+ Comment Box for Blogger

If your website is connected to Google Plus, you are almost done.
Just go to Blogger dashboard and embedded new comment box on your Blog. This is going to take hardly 3-5 Minute. You can search on Google for More.

How it will engage more Readers

Whenever your thread/post or site is discussed on Google+ profile or discussion community, if they are public in nature, you can see those discussions on your Blogger blog too.
And people usually take part on Discussion, they rarely start one. So when they’ll see many comment already, they’ll join too and there you go.

How about the Virility

You know Google takes +1s of the people seriously in Google searches. When people on Google+ will take part in your Blog with comments, their friends will see them commenting on your Site/Blog, they may also join and go ahead. Your Blogis than became viral among the large community.
User can choose whom to show the comment on their circle, friends, follower only me and all. This will surly going to increase not only your Blogs referral traffic from Google+ but soon Google will increase the priority of your post in searches depending upon the discussion.

Bottom Line

Google+ integration with Blogger is going to drive the the more traffic, more audience and you have golden chance to fly high, just go ahead. Share this post with your Blogger friends. Have great time.