Google is not just taking care of your account while you are live, but now you can decide what if you can’t access it or something happens to u (Hope never).

Welcome back friends

Sorry recently I posted about Google’s new era of Computing, Google Glass, while growing in technology, Google also taking care of your personal life as well. Google launched Google’s inactive account manager recently. This is simple manager that decides what happens to your digital life, blogger blog, Picasa photos, Google plus account and Mails after you stop using Google for long time or after some misshapen.
Google in this Manager option, allow you to get alert in case you are not using account for more than 3, 6,12 month and mail your contact you just defined. After that it will do what you’ll have selected.

How to use Inactive Account Manager in Google

Google recently launched this amazing option for people who are away from their account or plan what to do with all data after life.
1. Go to
2. From right top corner, select the name and go to Account link
3. In account page, scroll down and locate Account management.

4. Click on the Learn more and setup.
5. Proceed after reading by clicking setup.
6. Now in main page you’ll get the following section

Alert me!

Google will alert you after specified time, by Sending SMS or mail to the number/email you specified.
You can add the Mobile number and email id over here.

Timeout Period

Select the timeout period from the option there, Google will notify your contact/phone before 1 month of that time period.

Notify contact and share data

After that time period, you can share the data to your family members close friends or just notify about it.

Optionally delete account.

After getting no responses, you can optionally delete the Account or even leave it intact as per your choice.

Enable Inactive account.

At the bottom, you can tap enable button to enable account activity behavior.

Bottom Line,

Google is doing great to maintain privacy and care for your data even after life, it’s like keeping yourself alive when you leave Google.