Google Map: Can’t find my Location even if GPS is ON [Solved]

"On my Google Nexus 10, whenever I Go to Google Map, I can’t find my location even if my GPS is turned on. No use of GPS where is problem and what is solution” FAQ by Android user so here is solution for them.

This question is most commonly user asks if you’re GPS is turn off, your location can not be determined by any map app or any other app like Facebook/Twitter or Google Chrome. But if your GPS is turned on and Google map still seems struggling, problem need to have a deep look.
Here are some expected reasons of the problem.

The Problem of GPS

For the security reasons, Android OS are suppose the grant the permission to use the resource like hardware data and software of your phone by any app. After you grant permission, only than those app can use those feature.
GPS devices many be used to track the location of the user by any unauthorized or unknown application. In any devices specially phone/tablet or even your computer browser need to have permission to use the Microphone, camera or GPS.
On the most cases, user hadn’t permission to use the GPS device to the Google map, this doesn’t let the Google map to find the location of your device since it is not reading what GPS is saying.
Another reason may be Location setting in your Google map or Google application is not turned on, this also doesn’t let you enjoy the GPS feature on your device or application.

Possible solutions

Let the Application Access your Location:

Go to

Setting – Personal – Location

Allow the Nexus 10/Device to access your location through GPS and flick the button to make sure it is turned on.

Your location is determined on the bases of two factors

GPS Satellite

Mobile/Wi-Fi/Cellular network Location

While turning on the access of your location, make sure you checked both the option in your device to make sure application gets the best possible location of your.

Another option you can confirm is go to

Setting – Account – Google – Location setting

And make sure the switch is ON the position. After this, all the Google App will be able to access your location information and next time you won’t face this issue. If you don’t want your location to be determined, simply turn off the option or GPS.

Solve all other GPS software issue

You can head to Google play and search for GPS Status & Toolbox. This application is fully featured and packed with various built in troubleshooting tools and drivers. This application will not just tell you GPS status but also make sure no errors occurring of if any it will let you know and will fix it too.

Open the application and Allow the Application to use the GPS/Location, once you’ve done, get back to main application screen.

On the main screen, you’ll see current status of GPS and it will also show you how you can check for errors, if any error is flashing up, simply go to tool option and find what you can do more there.

Additionally you can search for verity of such application, using them will fix your issue or if not, make sure your GPS hardware is working properly and check double check it.

Hoping this post let you understand your problem will solve your problem too, make sure you share this with your friends if they need it and share on Social media. Have great time folks.



  1. The other way is ( which I've just tried - successfully), got to applications- google maps-clear catch - clear data - force stop - shut down your phone - remove your battery & sim- reinsert & restart. Open maps & it'll ask you for permission to access location - accept & Volla... it should happen.

  2. this is the All time HIT idea and first of all step everyone need to do when its not working.
    Thank you @JS for sharing with with us.
    I Highly Recommend this to every reader looking for solution of this.

  3. The above answer solved my problem as well.

  4. Oh great !!!
    Nice solution Sir. I've never supposed it will work. But now, I've proved that.
    Thanks 4 ur great advise..

  5. still not working...

  6. Kaboro Mbugua KenyaNovember 7, 2014 at 11:20 PM

    This was the easiest and best solution I've tried. Couldn't believe it worked on my S4!


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