Today’s Latest browsers let you provide the quick setting up the permission that website have over you, be secure and save time.

Welcome back folks,
Few weeks before, I had post informing you about how website sends information to many other websites as you visit them and you can track the entire useful and useless website doing such.

Now Track your Trackers on Google Chrome

When you visit a website, it tracks your information such as location/plug-in browser etc also what site you visit and even saved cookies.

These may be useful to some of the websites but usually harmful for you as many website may misuse all your data.
With simple knowledge, you can manage and control the information for every website or for many website too.

What information you can control for a website

You can control and see the cookies information saved on your computer, and number of cookies by that site.

  • Images displayed by site (Allow/Deny)
  • JavaScript (Allow/Deny)
  • Plug ins/Flash (Allow/deny)
  • Pop ups (Allow/deny)
  • Location (Allow/deny)
  • Notifications (Allow/deny)
  • Full screen (Allow/deny)
  • Mouse lock (Allow/deny)
  • Media (Allow/deny)

All you need to select those suspicious sites which loads useless images and plugins or any stuffs from above, and you don’t need at all, just need to go ahead like this

Open the site once

Click on the Page icon/Lock icon before Http:// or before the site address and a list of permissions will be rolled out,

Under permission tab> change the permission as you wish.

For example if you want to block the media on any page/ or stop auto playing of media by any site, simply block the media from the list.

Similarly for images and all, you can also stop sharing your location information also.

Once you made the changes in the permission, browser will immediately ask you to reload the page for make the change take effect.

Simply click the Reload button and your new permission is applied on your Website page. You can anytime set it to default value if page cause problem.

Hope you will be safer and smarter next time you use the Browser and any suspicious website.
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