Why Google is best, it’s not because it gives best result for the keywords you typed, its best because it reads your mind, what you think and so on, than you get perfect search result, know how Google do this all.

Google Started with Mission of Organizing the Worlds information, and make it universally accessible and useful. There are plenty of search engine exist but we hardly know them, because of Google. Why Google is so powerful, because it had lots of data? No; it is because it has lots of relevant and perfectly accessible data, powerful and Intelligent Algorithmand what when how where you searches.

Seems like “what??” But let’s get to know what actually Googledo to be best to deliver best search result.

What Google looks in you?

According to experts, even you are not signed in, GoogleUses 57’s Signal to know what you need to get and what results you should see. This include

Where you are sitting?
When you are searching?
What place it is?
What devices you are using?
What browser you are using?
What are your previous searches? And so on!
Basically Google improvise itself on every quarry user typed into and every result user clicked onto.

How data is divided on priories?

A Squirrel dying in your front house
may be more relevant to your interest right now
than people dying in Africa
Mark Zuckerberg, (CEO and Founder Facebook)
Above line is enough for you to know how online companies like Google determines what result people might look for in your area than any other area. Thus data are divided in priorities of the people and time in specific areas.

Basically it all about relevance!

Algorithm makes important role.

Previously all search engine were looking for quarry you typed in bunch of digital document where it is located, how much time it is repeated thus giving you result. But Google’s Algorithm is vast and very efficient, this include mainly 2 factor:

Page rank

Keyword Density and position

Page rank:

Page rank, the world famous Algorithm developed by Google’s co-founder Larry Page. Larry believes that the more a website is relevant; more the people will link it to. So Google calculate the number of link pointing to the Webpage and give it a mark called Page rank from scale 0 to 10.

Keyword Density and its position:

Google unlike other search engine, not only look for the keyword in document, but it looks in URL/Title of the website/headings of the documents, subheadings, Meta description, and finally at main content.
These two tools are enough to make the Google best

When you type a search quarry, it filter the pages according to keywords, than arranges them as per Page rank and finally see what you may be searching for, where you searches what time it is and finally within 30ms you get your searches with millions of result out there. And you find them relevant enough worth clicking.

How Google handle Spam?

It’s easy to think get the bunch of fake back links to improve Page rank or stuff an article with specific keywords and anchor text and get higher in Google, but this is for what Google pay even more attention.

Google Focus on delivering the relevant fresh search result to user and for that it has may other algorithm too.

Google Panda Update

Google panda Update Filters and removes the entire site with copied/out dated information from the priority and makes it rarely available to user.

Google penguin update

Google penguin Update kills all the Pages that points to wrong pages with misleading Anchor text, for example Download this song if download a virus or take to another page, this is useless for user and all. GoogleDon’t like this at all.

Page rank Updates

Google at every 3 month updates the Page ranks of entire websites depends upon the backlines;
some goes up some goes on ground, depending upon how they are being. It kills all the fake links and makes it down. Thus makes the user deliver only fresh content all the time

Advance searching with Google

Google being largest database of the world’s information, sometime provides the best information when you digg in it with special techniques, you can find the specific file and filters the search result from millions to thousands and even hundreds as per your need.

Hoping you got secrete of Google and its formula of searching the information and provides the best result for the person. Share this amazing information with the friends around and on social network. Comment below and let us know why else you use Google.