Now you can Re-install any Windows OS on your Computer from USB without making it Bootable, simply know here.

Welcome friends. Modern Ultra books and many of the portable devices lack of ODD. In fact installing Windows from USB takes hardly 10-15 minute on normal PC. There are bunch of article on Web where you find the Application from Microsoft that makes your USB bootable from DVD. On my blog Intelligent Computing, you can find the trick how you can make yourWindows Bootable USB from Command prompt without any software.

Today I am posting amazing trick how you can install New Windows from your USB Drive without making it bootable.

How to Re-Install Windows from USB without Making it Bootable

You all know how you can edit bootsect.exe file in Windows installation folder to update boot manager such that it will boot from USB drive.

What in case its not working, you can still re-install windows from USB.
Creating USB drive Primary

Open Start menu > Type CMD > Open as Administrator
List disk
Select disk 1
List volume
Select volume x   // X is the number at which USB volume present
Format fs=ntfs quick
Now Copy the content of the Windows DVD on USB make sure every file is present.
Once you’ve done.

Now Restart the System

Just at the time of Power On, Press F8 continuously,
This will open the startup menu of Windows

There you’ll find many options like

Start in Safe Mode

Start with Command Prompt
You’ll also find the option startup repair,

This will load the Repair Wizard of System,

Once loaded, you’ll find some option in system repair menu like

1. System Restore
2. Restore from system Image
3. Memory test
4. Startup repair
5. Command Prompt
Just Open the Command prompt.
Now type the following code
List volume
[Confirm which drive latter is on USB volume]
Once you’ve seen (example e: ) Now type
E:/  // USB Volume drive latter
After very next moment you’ll see your Setup is been started and you can now format C(Windows) drive and Re-install Windows easily.

Hope you’ll try this next time and won’t worry if your USB is not bootable.

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